Rheumatoid Arthritis

Diana 2005

I had RA for 15 yrs. & on the AP for 13yrs now & happy to say in complete remission. 13yrs ago was very desparte & sick- ruemy had me on Plaquenel, prednisone, nsaids- then methotrexate-all of which just made me sicker! then 1 day went ot a book store & found the book “ARTHRITIS BREAKTHROUGH” by HENRY SCAMMEL- well let me tell you it saved my life ( GOD BLESS DR. BROWN)- I went to my Rhuemy & insisted I be taken off methotrexate & started on the AP. Well he didn’t like that too well- but he started me on minocycline & to his dismay?? I started getting better & seeing him less. Sure changed his mind!! All I’m saying is take action in your health & well being read read read!!! But I do say it is the time on the AP that works! it is not a quick fix or cure! it takes time & pain to work! it took me 1 yr. before I started to feel better! but when I did I could do every thing I used to!

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