Rheumatoid Arthritis

Glenda 2005 AU

My journey begins in my September 2003 when I had a bad flu with a really sore throat for a number of weeks then suddenly I woke up to find that I could not make a fist with my fingers and my feet started to really hurt when I walked. I went to a local GP who immediately thought I had reactive arthritis. He sent me off to a rheumatologist. He prescribed me Vioxx and said to come and see him in two weeks. I returned in a worse state and he immediately prescribed Sulphasalazine. I was a little worried what this drug was doing to me as I was having regular liver and kidney tests. I continued on this treatment for about seven months during that time tried natural medicine in conjuntion all to no avail. I improved a little with the Sulphasalazine but not enough. During my seven months on conventional meds I came across the website rheumatic.org which then directed me to the Roadback site. I ordered in the New Arthritis Breakthrough book from America and read like mad. I really wanted to try this treatment. I was looking at a future of Methotrexate and gold injections. I became so depressed I was in my early thirties and was a really active person and I felt like I was a 100 year old lady. I quizzed my rheumy about this treatment and he being from the old school of rheumies did not recommend it. That is when I got the list of doctors who supported AP from Roadback and started by journey. I found the most wonderful doctor in Sydney, Aust who over the last year and a half has slowly given me my life back. I started on Doxy 200mg x 1 day and after six months switched to Mino 200mg MWF that is when I really started to make an improvement. I can say after eight months on the Mino I am improving every month. I am more active now, although now over-doing it and even have the strength now to open lids off jars and not dread trying to drag myself out of bed in the mornings when I was probably at my stiffest. I still have a little way to go yet with problems in my knees but know from a recent xray that there is now permanent joint damage so I just have to be patient. On my recent visit last month my doctor said according to my blood work that I am heading to remission. I am so excited that I found Roadback has it really is the road back for all of us.

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