Rheumatoid Arthritis

Charlotte 2005 USA

If I had only listened to that little voice and demanded Minocycline be prescibed in January 2000, I might have avoided five years of pain and damage! I read everything I could find on RA and read the Arthritis Breakthrough book. When I asked my Rheumatologist at a leading medical school in southern Alabama, his reply was that they just didn’t prescribe it anymore. My thought was that he was the specialist and he knew more than me. I took the whole list of traditional drugs including Embrel and Humira. Nothing worked for me. I asked another Rheumy to prescribe the Minocycline and he got verrry agitated! Told me there was no scientific evidence that it worked. I told him the ones that were scientifically based didn’t work for me. I could tell it was working after three months. I could pick up a pitcher of tea without using both hands, write, do laundry, do dishes, work in my flower garden, etc. It has now been a year since I started the minocycline. I thank God everyday for being painfree. I tell everyone what worked for me. I was lucky in that I didn’t get worse before I got better once starting the antibiotic. It’s a shame that not everyone can use a computer to learn more about this therapy. When I wrote my first rheumatologist to let him know that the Minocycline worked, he was very supportive. He said the study showed that AP didn’t work for the majority, only the minority. I’m just glad this minority decided to try it!

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