Rheumatoid Arthritis

Susan 2005 USA

Just wanted to update everyone on how I am doing after 13 months. I wrote a six month report on this list titled “my journey back”. At that six month period I started to do really well. This lasted about six weeks. Then I reverted back to being terrible. I was again terrible for 4 or 5 more months. But, during that time I kept believing, taking my minocin (100mg 2x)and sticking to the basics. I was also taking voltaren (diclofenac) and lots of ibuprofen. I only added prednisone if I couldn’t walk by noon, ha ha, or maybe not ha ha. So anyway I used the bulletin board on this site to keep my spirits up. I read Henry Scammells book over and over. I knew it could take 1 to 2 years to work. Some of the conversations on the bulletin board tended to make me wonder, the conversations about nonresponders. But, I figured you really can’t be a nonresponder until you have given it the time needed. Now I am only taking 5mg prednisone and minocin. No voltaren, no ibuprofen, no completely stiff legs till noon. I am getting around quite well and my stamina is finally increasing. In the next few months I will try to taper off the prednisone. So please, if you are doing AP, do not get discouraged if you do not see results in the first 12 months. Some people report being better right away but I think they must not be as severe as some of us. I was diagnosed with SEVERE RA and my life was miserable for 4 years. Starting AP was the best decision I ever fought for with my rheumatologist. He still does not believe. I saw him this morning and he said “well keep doing what your doing but we do not know why a few people seem to respond to AP”. Next time I see him if I am in remission, I think he will have to change his tune a bit. So if you are thinking about starting AP, know that the sooner the better. Be prepared for a long period of waiting to get better. I for one do not believe in supplementing with stuff like methotrexate and Humira or Embrel or Arava. I was on all those before starting AP. A little prednisone goes a long way and my occasional use did not seem to harm the AP. Read the book and decide for yourself. And come to the bulletin board and listen to all the wonderful people who are willing to help you along the way.

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