Rheumatoid Arthritis

Kim 2006 NZ

I have not been in to this discussion board for a long time now. I have not been ‘avoiding’ it – there just has not been the need. And it is all thanks to the A.P. I can’t tell you how utterly grateful I have been to have discovered this AP and this site. I was diagnosed 5 years ago. I spent about 10 months doing what “normal” rheumatologists told me to do – and I have been damaged by that advice. Since then I took the AP road and I am so appreciative to be clear of ALL symptoms. So grateful. I have had a couple of tiny flareups during this past year and they have merely served to remind me of the absolute agony of my R.A. time. Ugh! I live in Hamilton, New Zealand. It was a lonely road for me. But I had the courage from a few sources. First, both Judy and Faye live in this country (one was previously from the States). They were so supportive to get me started. Secondly, a kind someone from this discussion site sent me some names of doctors who could help. They practiced too far away from me but simply knowing that they were here helped. In the end, I went to a friend doctor and he helped me with the prescriptions: but I had to do the work of researching and deciding dosage, etc. It did me a world of good, and empowered me to take control of MY life. Finally, I took the decision to stick with it. I thought I would write a book titled No-one said it would be quick!. It did take time, and I had wonderful family support, but it worked. I can’t adequately express my appreciation to the good Doctor for his discoveries – and also to the Road Back Foundation, and this site’s visitors. I have my life back again.

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