Rheumatoid Arthritis

Kathy 2007 USA

My husband contacted Rheumatoid Arthritis over 8 years ago. After many doctors; Methothrexite, Humira, Renicade and Orencia, plus other medications for pain, he finally started on the antibiotcs 9 months ago. Last year, he had major surgery for cancer. In the end, it all turned out well, and this was because I took the time to search out the best. My point is that all doctors are not the same, just as treatments are not equal. Before and after surgery, my husband had to be off all medication for 4 weeks. He was on Orencia at the time of surgery. One of the cautions in the brochure was that it could cause malignancies. I was taken back when the doctors were willing to put him back on the Orencia, when he had just had the surgery for cancer (a malignancy). Orencia was one of the best medications and one of the newest; and it certainly was not responsible for his turmor, because he had not been on it very long. Even though, it shows you that doctors are running out of ideas, when they are willing to expose a patient to a medication that could be dangerous for them. That is when I started researching again for something, and I came across “The New Arthritis Breakthrough”‘. My husband than confronted is Rheumatologist about the antibiotics, and his remark was “Oh!, you want to take antibiotics”, I can do that”. My husband no longer sees his old Rheumy, he travels 60 miles to Riverside (Ca) to see the doctor there. After 9 months, my husband is doing great. He had very mild herxing at the beginning, but from there on, it was all a steady progression to wellness. I want to thank all of you who participate in this chat room. It gave me the strength to push my husband towards this great therapy, which at first he was very skeptical of. If any doctors are reading this, I think it is very unethical of the medical community to pooh pooh the antibiotics therapy. I tell everyone I can about this great therapy. Our friends and relatives only have to look at my husband to see how his life has turned around for the better.

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