Rheumatoid Arthritis

Nancy 2007 USA

I was asked to post our story here…I am very busy right now and will post a more in depth testimonial when I can………Just a short update.After 3 1/2 years of AP with Dr. J.S in Iowa nancy is in remision.She has not taken any pain meds(NONE !)for over 3 months!This really works.She was diagnosed with RA in 2003.Her RA factor was off the charts(820).It dropped about 200 after each visit to Dr. S.We went every 6 months.In between she took 200 milligrams of generic minocin and took a round of prednisone about every 3 months or whenever she needed it.She used Lodine to help her cope with the pain.She also experienced several VERY bad herxes.Her RA factor and sed rate are now within normal paremeters. STICK WITH IT!!!!!!!! You will not be sorry.She is back to 100 percent except for some damage that was done in her feet.She is having surgery on her feet in a couple of weeks to repair that damage.

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