Rheumatoid Arthritis

Anita 2005

I pursued AP treatment because I had no hope anywhere else, and I was dying. I was diagnosed with a severe case of RA when I was 19 years old, was started on aspirin, then prednisone, and over a period of 35 years, I have taken just about every drug that exists for RA, including the newer ones. None of them had stopped the progress of the disease or the destruction of my joints. Since 1977, I have had over 20 surgeries to repair or replace damaged joints.

When I first posted on the bulletin board of the Road Back Foundation web site, I was very sick and was suffering many side effects of the so-called wonder drugs. In the summer of 2000, while on methotrexate and one of the anti TNF drugs, my hemoglobin dropped, my electrolytes plunged and became unstable and I developed a severe bladder infection that spread into my bloodstream. I barely survived because my immune system was so suppressed. The next year, on another new drug, I came down with pneumonia which collapsed a lung, and my sed rate rose to 122 And then the doctors told me that the RA drugs including prednisone were my enemy, but they did not have any idea how to get me off of them.

I found out about antibiotic protocol for RA by reading Henry Scammell’s book, The New Arthritis Breakthrough. So after getting information from The Road Back Foundation, I went to a physician in Iowa at the end of April to “get started” again. My rheumatologist had agreed I could try this treatment since there were no other options left in his arsenal of drugs. But he told me it wouldn’t work. Then, to my surprise, my local doctor called just before we left for Iowa to say he had searched the Internet and he decided he would continue with the IVs when I returned home, but he still said he didn’t believe the antibiotic protocol would help me.

My beginning course of treatment was complicated by a very large bleeding ulcer, which hemorrhaged on the way home. I had to stop all NSAIDs.

The first two months were very difficult as far as RA symptoms go. A “Herx”? Probably! But afterward I began to have days when I felt so much better. Three months later my eyes began to have more tears– severe Sjogrens was improving. At five months my sed rate showed a 90 point drop, prednisone was down and kidney and liver function tests improved. At ten months many lab tests are now in the normal range and I noticed body hair returning.

I feel well on the inside – no longer feel like I have a bad case of the flu – although I still suffer from broken joints and the damage of 35 years of the wrong treatment. I regret I didn’t know about Dr. Brown back in the early 70s, but I am so glad I found this treatment when I did! I would not be alive to write this had I not found it and pursued it despite all the negative opinions of the “medical establishment”. In September, my doctor said this was like a miracle, and instead of slightly glancing at my material, he actually read some of it.

I tell everyone I meet about AP therapy, and especially hope that the younger patients will receive its benefit before starting down the dead-end street of traditional RA medicine.

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