Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Does this Antibiotic Protocol work? Yes, it sure does!

On the morning of Jan 19, 2012, I woke up with my hands & fingers hurting & feeling like they were on fire. They were like that all weekend. Monday morning I made an appointment with my Dr, who looked at my hands, asked a few questions, and ordered blood work. I asked him what was he thinking…he said it looks like Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) , especially since both hands were hurting. I was shocked and I surely wasn’t expecting this. He had prescribed Methylpred and Tramadol for pain. The medication did help the pain. A week later the Dr. told us the blood work showed I did have RA. My Anti-DNA 2, ANA Direct Negative, Anti-Scleroderma-70 Antibodies <0.2, my R factor was 450.3 very high. He recommended I go to a Rheumatologist. He told to expect "This will get Worse". I was so upset, my stomach was all in knots & I just wanted to cry. He suggested I stay as active as I could, exercise, walk, swim, stay busy & move around. He told me to take Aleve as needed, call if I had any questions. As my pains were getting worse, I was calling or making trips to see the Dr often. He put me on Prednisone, 20mg & Aleve as needed. By August my RA was kicking in hard & fast. I was stiff, having more pains, tingling in my fingers, hands, wrists, knees, shoulder, bottom of my feet were hurting bad. What fists I could make were very painful. I was losing strength in my hands & all over my body. The simple things in life like opening a bottle of water, a can of beans, cutting up veggies, opening doors, fixing my hair, I use to do these things without even thinking about it, now I was doing them with pains. The Dr's words, "This will get Worse" came back to me. He was so right. I did a lot of praying, there had to be something better. I looked online at all the RA medications, the side affect are terrible. I knew I didn't want to take them but I didn't want to be all crippled up in a wheel chair or have to depend on my husband for everything either. I have always admired Dr Oz, I went to his website & typed in RA, and learned that antibiotics could be used to help RA. A little more research took me to The Road Back Foundation (RBF) website, I read the articles, bulletin board & the Testimonial stories. The "Brightest Lights" on RBF website were the Testimonial Stories! People were finding their “Healthy Life” at the end of the road. I knew then God was right there leading me to RBF!! He knew how much I wanted my life back!! I also ordered the book “Arthritis Breakthrough” by Henry Scammell.

On August 31, 2012 I told my Dr. about the AP, the website RBF & the book “Arthritis Breakthrough”. I told him I wanted to try this & I would need a prescription for Minocycline. He Surprised Me!!! He was okay with prescribing the antibiotic even though he had never heard of AP. I got my prescription for Mino!!! I started that night with 100 mg Mino Ranbaxy. I added supplement vitamins, started detoxing with Lemon-Olive Oil (I add Emergen-C to this drink) Soak in Epson Salt, and Yes, Coffee Enema YUCK!!! But I had to get rid of those nasty toxins!!

In October I sent my blood work to Dr S. in Iowa, He suggested increasing the Mino to 100mg twice daily, staying with the Prednisone, then decreasing the dose slowly when the antibiotic began to help. Later I met with the rheumatologist, Dr. DG, who examined of my hands, fingers, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, x-rays & blood work. By November my R factor had dropped to 588.8 from 615.5, CBC was essentially normal. Sed rate was 5. CRP was 0.5. Chemistry profile was normal, Anti-CCP antibody was 28.1. ANA was positive with titer 1:40 speckled & homogenous pattern.

By January 2013 I was feeling Good & Doing Great! I could make a fist, it hurt but nothing like before. In May the rheumatologist said all looked good. He said I could stop the Prednisone since I was only doing 1/2mg every day, The June blood Report was good.

By August 2013, after one year on Mino, I was Pain Free With No Signs of Deformity! I could make a tight fists without any pains. I returned to doing what I was doing before I was dx with RA. I even finished hand quilting the quilt that had been in the quilting frame for over two years!

A year later, October 2014, I have done GREAT! I feel that I have returned to my normal self. I continued with 100mg of Mino 2x a day. All looks good. ESR 4. Antiglomerular BM Ab 6. Antiscleroderma-70 Antibodies <0.2, Anti-DNA (DS) Ab Qn 1, Complement C3, Serum 112, ANA Direct Positive, RA Latex Turbid 23.1 YES 23.1 !!! Last year it was 40.9! I consider myself to be in Remission now. I Feel Wonderful and I’m So HAPPY!! I Have My Life Back!! Thank You God!!

I plan to continue taking the Mino. I read somewhere and wrote it down, because it is so true: One Should Never Take The Easy Road, But Rather the Right Road, No Matter How Long the Travel!!! “RBF” is the Right Road!!!! It worked AWESOME for me and it will for you too! Thank You God So Much For Opening the door to “RBF” and for giving me my “Healthy Life” back!! Thank You Maz, for explaining things so I could understand. She is a Blessing to RBF! Thanks to all the DRS and each one of you! Thank you RBF for this website to help people like me!!

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