Rheumatoid Arthritis

Arlette 2011 USA

In 2008 I was working at a Flower Shop designing a large funeral bouquet. My shoulder was in so much pain that after I got the bouquet done I left and went to my Doctor. He suggested a cortisone shot, which I agreeded to although I knew nothing about it. For 3 days I felt so good, felt like I was 30 years old again ( I was 62) but the 4th day was much different. I felt more like 90 years old. I couldn’t get out of bed very well and I was in alot of pain.Went back to the Dr, and he tested me for RA and that test came back negative. Couldn’t figure out what I had. Finally after weeks of the Dr. trying to figure it out it I got so bad my husband took me to the ER. That Dr. took one look at my hands and said ” You have rheumatoid arthritis ”

Oh that hit me like a brick.All I could think of was a wonderful lady in our church that was so snarled up with RA for years and I always said I sure won’t want that disease. And now he said I had it. I was in total shock.. but still in pain. So he put me on predisone. And we all know what that’s like.

The ER Dr said I had a virus waiting to happen and the cortisone shot just shook it up and it gave me instant RA. WOW.. RIght away I knew somehow I was going to find an answer to this disease. It was not crippling me up!

For the next 2 years I was miserable. It took me 8 months to get into a rheumatologist. He put me on Methoxdrate and finally I got off the predisone. Had to keep going up with the meds so my stiffness would improve but then along came the stomach problems, an ulcer, and the worse was the fatigue. I just wasn’t getting that much better. Got around o.k. but slow. Go shopping and I had to have a cart to lean on. I couldn’t go down my stairs to do the laudry. I just felt like I was 90. I now had a new understanding of old people in a rest home.

During this miserable time a friend of a friend told me to go to Newsmax.com and get a book. It was written by Dr. David Brownstein. I did that. And that book told me about another book. “The Arthritis Breakthrough” by Henry Scammell . And I read and read and highlighted it. And the more I read the more I knew this was my answer. I had an appointment with my rhummy in April and so the end of January I started taking myself off of the med’s . I was going to get the anibiotic. I was so excited about it. I took my books all highlighted to the Dr’s office. In comes a student nurse. I told her all about it and showed her my highlights. She inturn told me “Your Dr. knows all about that research at the U. of Ne. he was on one of those studies” Oh I was all excited for sure then. He’d understand and help me. Well.. that didn’t happen. In he walks and never mentioned the study at the U of Ne where so many had been helped with antibiotic’s. Instead he said NO !! your skin will turn dark, you don’t want this. I said ‘YES I do ” and he said NO.. finally I said “It’s my body, my pain..final answer.. I want the antibiotic”

He never said a word. He left and a while later walked in the door and handed me the prescription, no instruction. He did say “Come back when it doesn’t work” That was it. I’ve never been back. I had my book and the “Roadback Foundation” to help me with my answers. I learned fast about the hexing. and thanks to a wonderful lady I meet on line from Austrailain I could always get answers.

In Henry Scammels book there’s a chapter about Ida Grove, Iowa. OH did my eyes open big !! IDA GROVE !! as a teenager I lived in the next town Battle Creek, Ia. My Dad was a pastor of a church there. And I was a cheerleader, going to games in Ida Grove. Oh that was like going home for me.

So July of 2010 I went to Ida Grove. Stayed a week there and had the IV’s. What loving, caring people Dr. Sinnott and his staff are ! They said we may not notice any change immediately but half way through we would.At first all I noticed was the Copper taste, nothing else. I was still soaking my hands each morning in hot water due to the pain and stiffness. On Thursday morning I woke up … NO PAIN !! no stiffness no need to soak my hands. Now I had no more tears of pain.. just tears of joy. Praising the Lord for answers . The antibiotic worked and it worked so fast. Soon it will be spring of 2011 and I have 3 weddings booked.. I can now go down my stairs.. I have my floral studio down there.

Praise be to God and to the Dr’s that researced all this and dedicated their lifes to helping so many.and Thanks to Dr. Sinnott for all his years giving people hope and their lives back… GOD BLESS YOU.

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