Mixed Connective Tissue Disease/Lupus

Sankamithra 2013 USA

I am 62 years old lady came to United States at the age of 40.

I had always been in pain, fatigue, tiredness, and head aches all the time in my country but had not been to a doctor regarding it.

Finally after coming to USA went to my Primary and was diagnosed with MCTD with more towards LUPUS. Was on Plaquenil 200 mg and steroids(for 2 years) till I graduated from BS Nursing. Worked an year and quit the job because of the physical stress.

Came across Road Back web site met Dr T in Boston (2000) and got prescription for Minocin. He did put me on daily 100 mg but my gums, nails, skin turned black but the labs improved. The doctor changed the prescription to doxycycline but the blood test did not show good results so switched back to Minocin 100mg every other day.

Added Fish Oil 1000mg twice great improvement in energy level and pain. Took Ibuprofen 100mg as needed.

Read an article on Resveratrol and pain relief so tried few brands of resveratrol but did not see any improvement either in the labs or in the symptoms. Finally tried one brand which had 3 components( Alpha lipoic acid, Quercetin, Acetyl L- Carnitine) in them so consulted my Primary about it and he was okay. Immediately after 2 months I had very less pain and had good energy and was able to do my house hold chores. Checked my blood alternate months and gradually saw the double stranded Dna for Lupus came down and finally became negative after couple of months. My HDL level also came remarkably high.

I really don’t know if it was the resveratrol or the 3 components in them that put my lupus in remission.

But still my ANA was high so asked the doctor to check what is causing the high ANA. and found it to be Sjogrens Syndrome.

Did some readings and started taking biotin 1000mcg from January 2013 and last month I found ANA has come down from 600 to 360 to 1:80. My symptoms like dry eyes and mouth has improved but still have some pain which is tolerable.

My Primary was pleased with my labs and encouraged me to KEEP UP MY GOOD WORK.

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