Lupus, Sjogren’s Syndrome

Sheila 2002 USA

My story begins in 1988. I was a single mother, very active. I became quite ill with what seemed like the flu. I was still bedridden after two weeks of the onset and was starting to wonder what was really wrong with me. I began trekking around to many doctors and was finally labeled as a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patient. I lingered in this state of exhaustion for another 9 years till things went really haywire. After remarrying, I had two children 16 months apart. At this time the symptoms worsened and new symptoms were added to the picture. I acquired lesions on my neck that were very similar to shingles. My eyes and mouth were painfully dry. And the body aches were magnified. I had absolutely no energy at this point of the illness. Of course when I told this to the first few doctors , they always looked at the fact that I had three boys and two of them were babies and they quickly told me I was supposed to be tired. I found myself at a Rheumatologist and she ran the tests that showed the answer to my problems. She stated I had lupus and later diagnosed Sjogren’s as well. I tried the traditional treatment of Prednisone and Plaquenil. I stayed on the traditional treatments for less than a year, and then I went for the antibiotic treatment. I used Dr. S. of Ida Grove, Iowa. He is kind, considerate, and the best doctor I have been to. I began the treatment in October of 1998, on my youngest son’s birthday. The treatments caused some gastric problems, but nothing that over the counter meds didn’t take care of. Other that washing out and sleeping a lot, the week went well. I came home an began the herxheimer reaction the first week. Mine lasted several months, but Dr. S. reminded me that the reaction was a good sign, so I held tight and waited. I fared decent after the reaction subsided. The first thing to leave my system was the fibromyalgia pain which I had had for years. I was feeling a big difference in the pain while the fatigue was still a factor. I then noticed a few more good days each week, but I was prone to over-doing. I noticed a set-back in the improvements at the six month mark and had another round of intensive treatment. The second round was performed by a local D.O. under the direction of Dr. S. I had about a one week herxheimer reaction following the second round. Since that second round I have taken the oral medications 3 days per week and also the antibiotics that were prescribed for the Strep that Dr. S. discovered in my system. I continued to stay pain-free, only suffering perhaps a small amount of achiness on rainy days. My energy levels continued to get better and recently I had blood tests done at the 18 month mark. They all returned to normal, and I couldn’t be happier. At this point my energy levels are almost normal. I find that I am still tempted to do too much, but this is because I feel so good. My kids have their mom back . I am more than grateful when I glance at the clock in the evening and remind myself that the “old me” would have already been asleep. I have come a long way since that first day in October of 1998. I was one sick woman who was desperate for a miracle. And God supplied one. I give Him all the thanks and glory for this. And I thank Dr. Sinnott for being the kind of doctor who doesn’t go with the flow of mainstream medicine. Remember some miracles are overnight, but some take a little longer. Either way, it’s a miracle. Hope Is Alive.

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