Fibromyaligia and Chronic Fatigue

Kitty 2012 USA

It is just a miracle to me that I am living my life with very little pain, with a clear mind and a body that may just last me for a few more good years! I am enjoying life with my husband and grandchildren! People say I am obsessed with telling others about health issues. Well, I admit it, I am. It took me so many years to find out what was wrong with me. I feel obligated to help others who suffer from chronic pain who want to give up.

Thank you, Roadback!!!! You began my journey of wellness and I am thankful! I thought it was time to thank you for your information about 10 years ago that has led me where I am today. I am writing this because it has been my desire to help my own family learn about what may happen to them if they don’t find a diagnosis for their own health issues. After years of suffering and doctors not believing me, a friend told me about your website. This friend is the wife of a doctor and she told me, “Don’t tell my husband that I gave you this information.” That is how messed up our medical system is now!

I couldn’t sleep one night, as usual from the pain so I looked at your website and read a testimonial that sounded like I wrote it. I cried as I read it realizing that someone else was having the same problems…even describing things I had no description for like even my teeth and hair hurting. I never told that because I thought no one would listen. I had a stroke at 55 years old, suffered from chronic IBS, sinusitis, high blood pressure, depression, ADHD, brain fog, osteoarthritis joint pain, fibromalgia, migraines and chronic fatigue. It was all I could do some days to walk down the hall in my house. I would be in shock when I woke up to the reality of the pain I was feeling. I was so sick I even had my will written quickly because I thought I was going to die soon.

I was a sickly kid. I was chronically sick every fall when the weather would change, colds, respiratory infections, headaches…yes, headaches as far back at 8 or 9 years old. My mom, not knowing this could happen would tell me, “You are too young to have a headache.” I remember thinking “ Well, something between my ears hurts!!!” I was labeled at that time a hypochondriac because I would complain a lot…one time I was so sick at church, my parents thought I was faking it so they made me go. I went out in the hallway and passed out! I was 10 and so embarrassed! I had a virus at the time, got them all the time. I was so fearful when my parents would take me to the doctor but they usually said they couldn’t find anything wrong with me? My parents seemed to think I was faking so I started a pattern of waiting until I was in a chronic condition to tell them I was sick. I really don’t want to talk bad about my parents because it was just not the norm for a kid to have all these problems and when doctors verified that they couldn’t find anything what were they to think? My parents were very knowledgeable about illness, my Mom was a nurse and my Dad had been through to 2 years of medical school, so they tried their best. It wasn’t their fault. So, with this being said parents, please listen to your children! They don’t know how to make this stuff up!!! All they can do is tell you where they are hurting!

I remember even as a young adult that I would have to locate a bathroom everywhere I went…that would be the first thing I would do when I went somewhere! How crazy was that? When I reached my 40’s, I spent years having stomach specialists and doctors try to help me with no recourse and during this time almost anything I ate made me sick. I hurt so bad, I took large doses of over the counter meds to function and as a result damaged my liver. I would constantly choke and throw up. I had heartburn so bad that sometimes I couldn’t breathe. GI tests never showed that I had any problem and as most of us think when they can’t find anything I would say, “Am I going crazy? Is this all in my head? Am I making myself sick because I have some need for attention?” You question your own sanity. Being at that place was so scary where no one seemed to know what was wrong and no doctor could help. The doctor would say, “Let me just treat one symptom today.” I would have to think, which one is worse? My husband was so supportive at the time when I got to the place where I could hardly function, that is when I was ready to try anything.

After reading information on your website, and a few testimonials that affirmed I was at the right place, I found a doctor on your list who subscribes to your protocol, made an appointment, andand started my journey to wellness. It has been a 10 year journey, healing my body, and learning…it is an everyday goal to vigilantly learn about my health and share it with family and friends who need help. The Roadback doctor asked my husband when we went to see him, “ Why do you believe your wife?” Most well partners don’t believe the other is sick and it causes problems in the marriage because they don’t understand. “Do you believe she is really hurting so much? He said, “ I know she is sick, she moans and cries in her sleep.” I just sank at the thought of what he was going through too, trying to help me but not being able to do anything. That first doctor helped me by telling me to not eat “white” stuff. That was bread and sugar…I did ok for a while but then problems started again…I couldn’t tolerate the antibiotics at that time so I quit taking them and so returned to my former condition. I didn’t realize at that time how much I needed the protocol to get well.

The second doctor after a lengthy interview told me she believe I was a celiac, gluten intolerant. She did intensive blood work and when it came back, there were probably 20 foods I was listed as being allergic too. I really didn’t believe it at first but after all this time, I have slowly proved to myself that the tests were accurate. She started me with just eliminating wheat then I slowly eliminated the other foods. She put me minocycline, 100 mg daily for three years and alternated with doxycycline, 100 mg when I would feel nauseated, she would alternate these two types of antibiotics. It has been over 7 years to this point.

Within three days of my first dose, I STOPPED suffering from chronic IBS and that problem has NEVER returned to this day! A miracle that happened to me through this therapy changed my life, beginning that day. After blood work improved, I was taken off of the dosage and now am on no antibiotic protocol. I do what I am supposed to do, eat right and exercise. I swim because I can’t walk much due to arthritis deterioration. I believe the deterioration has slowed down due to my vigilance and am still trying to lose weight but all my blood work is at normal levels now!

I now no longer suffer from any chronic condition. I have not been sick for 3 years, exercise and eat what I can eat that keeps me healthy. I found out that I have celiac disease and so that one thing, leaving out wheat made a big difference in my health…understanding that general medical doctors don’t want to find the cure they want to medicate a symptom one at a time because that is how they get paid. Quit going to these doctors who don’t look at you as a whole person. Find someone who will listen and help you find the root cause of your pain.

Exercise is also a very important factor in everyday life…yes, it can be that easy that exercise helps all kinds of medical problems! It took me a while before I could exercise but now swimming regularly has helped me so much.

Taking the time to send this to you, I believe that there is a way for anyone to start today and begin your journey to wellness. It is so hard to believe that I don’t hurt all the time and actually have energy to do the things I want to do! But, you have to look to alternative doctors to help you. So many people die due to what is happening with traditional medicine. They accept when they hear, “I can’t help you.” I tell everyone about it! I hope my story will help just one person to change…if you aren’t getting help now, go somewhere else…start with the list of doctors on the website and find someone who will help you!

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