Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lyme, Raynauds

Juliette 2007

My onset of CFS was very gradual. I had Raynaud’s and sleep difficulties for almost 10 years before any other symptoms appeared. After 2 difficult pregnancies, I found an enlarged lymph node under my arm. It was biopsied and came back negative for lymphoma. I had been feeling more tired and achy, and switched to a low carb diet. That helped immensely with the fatigue for another few years before it started to return. Then, some more symptoms entered the picture. My skin began to feel like it was burning with very little sun exposure. I’d wake up with my hands completely numb, despite the fact I was lying flat on my back. I started to have some anxiety problems and went on medicine for those. Some reflux started as well. I went through many tests and several doctors before being diagnosed with CFS. I had found the roadback website during my research of my symptoms, and my symptoms mirrored so many other patients. I began the antibiotic protocol in Nov. 2006. Within a week, I was off my anxiety medicine. I was sleeping a ton better as well. I also had some improvements in joint pain and numbness. In March of 2007, I began an alternative version of the antibiotic protocol called the Marshall Protocol. I continue to have success on this version of the AP. My joint pain is almost completely gone, I am sleeping better than I have in 10 years, some tooth pain I’ve had has greatly diminished, and I’ve had some food sensitivities disappear. I feel I was an early responder on both protocols due to my strict adherence to a low sugar, low carb diet. I also avoided Vit D for a year prior to beginning the protocols, which I think helped as well. I am very grateful to RBF. I live a completely full life right now and I am enjoying every minute of it!

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