CFIDS, FMS, MCS, EI, ES, Lyme, Raynauds

Rosemary 2002 AU

Writing the story has been very difficult, I just could not put it down on paper what I have experienced so will give a brief outline with the chance to update later. So thrilled and excited today to find that at last my immune system is clocking in after 3 years and three months of aggressive antibiotic therapy every day and no other supplement except antifungal and acidiphillous treatment for three years even though necessary I could not tolerate or manage the changes with them interacting with the A/P. Was concerned but had faith I would pull it all together eventually. Enough to shock the socks of anyone. And yes it does work with dilligence and keeping a positive attitude Believing in yourself when no one else does. Not going to say it was easy. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my whole life as the dose had to be so low and gradual even though I felt I desperately needed more. What choice did I have I was living in hell and the prognisis was not good. It was an agonising existence very severe and debilitating and I was continually deteriorating. I felt almost paralised surviving for 9 months prior to A/P on IV minerals and vitimins Going into shock when administered and could not eat anything else other than a few vegetables Could not even sit in a chair even to lay down was horrific a terrifying experience every minute of the day and night with constant horrific pain My life was saved by the book The New Arthritis Breakthrough By Henry Scammell which I picked up in my Doctors Surgery, and the wonderful team of supporters in this orgnaization whom I will be indebted to for the rest of my life Not forgetting the Doc in America my Doc who administers my treatment also Docs in Melbourne Sydney also phone consult Qld plus various other wonderful people who did what they could earlier days trying to find a solution to a problem that hides. No blood tests ever showed the real truth other than the Darkfield Microscope amd Westerm Blot Having to physically prove myself that this was real was an extremely difficult task but I hope the work all of us have done will pave the way so others will benefit and not suffer like this in the future.

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