Ankylosing Spondylitis

Debbie 2005 USA

I am 47 years old. I have had unexplained back pain since my early 20’s. For many years I just lived with it after being told by countless doctors I DID NOT have arthritis. Then when I hit 42 yrs. old I had 3 operations not related to AS. After my third operation not only did my back ache but also my shoulder started aching. I again went from dr. to dr. trying to find an answer. Slowly the pains moved to both shoulders, hips, ankle, wrists and hands. I was in agony. In December 2002 I finally got a diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis. I was happy to know finally what was wrong but also scared for my future. I started on sulfasalazine and and bextra 2x per day. This did not touch the pain. I went on long term disability because it was impossible to concentrate on anything let alone work. I used to hike, bike, walk daily , golf and be very active. I could no longer even walk 1/2 a block without extreme agony. I tried everything from magnets, diets, shark cartilidge, physio, supplements, you name it I would try it. Finally I came across this website. I had tried everything else, why not antibiotics. Next I had to find a dr. who knew something about it and was willing to help. The dr. who diagnosed me was willing to prescribe the antibiotic so in Aug 2003 I started on minocin. I was on it until Janruary 2004 with little success. At this time I got a new GP who was from Georgia. She told me in Georgia they treat AS with flagyl. She started me on 500 mg per day 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. I have not looked back since. The progress was slow but it was happening. I reduced my Bextra to once per day and continued on with the rest of my meds. Jan 2005 my stomach could no longer tolerate all medications. I stopped them all only to find out I was fine without them. I have now been 7 months without medication including the flagyl and am still pain free. During the time I took the antibiotics and now I continue to take a probiotic. Also during the time I was taking the flagyl I also took and antifungal on my 2 weeks off. All I can say is anyone with an arthritic disease should give it a try. I felt like my life was over and now I am drug and pain free. I wish all arthritic suffers the success I have had with AP. It is truly a miracle. My nightmare is over.

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