Adrianne 2016 USA

So it all began with a little weakness in my hands. Then it was a whirlwind of immense pain, fatigue, appointments, blood work, testing, and traveling to specialists. I wont bore you, you’ve experienced the same thing, but long story short, it was diagnosis diffuse systemic sclerosis AKA scleroderma. After the shock wore off and I was beginning down my path with my head held as high as I could raise it my cousin came in from Arizona for my wedding and told me about his journey. He suffered from a weird rheumatic disease like me. His came on relatively quickly like mine. We both had the same feelings about current treatments and medications that trash out your body and immune system. He told me about AP, and how he used Minocin, and how he’s been in remission since 2001. It seemed too good to be true and I started thinking “Maybe this could be my miracle too?” . My brain and science background kicked into gear. I did the research, I read the books…could it be that simple? I contacted and they set me up with a volunteer and a Dr list. I’m so happy I found my current doctor! I fought hard with insurance and my pharmacy and got a little caution from my doctors but I finally started taking Minocin about 5 months ago. The improvement started in about 6 weeks and soon after I’m getting lower CRP numbers and sed rates. Now I’m getting normal results and I feel awesome (not perfect but who’s perfect?) I want to shout to everyone I see that this treatment was a lifesaver. I swore to my self that I would post my story good or bad after this and I was so depressed and hopeless and sick, I was betting it was going to be bad. I couldn’t (until it happened to me) believe that this would work and be my miracle too. I’m a skeptic and it just sounded too much like people were drinking the kool-aid together. My closing statement to the rest of the skeptics: contact roadback, find a great doctor, try AP, and wait for your miracle.

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