Rheumatoid Arthritis

Pat 2017 USA

I’ve always danced and been very active. In 2013, I had swelling of my ankles for which my PC gave me a shot of pred. A few weeks later, I had swelling everywhere, and awoke nightly in horrible burning pain in my shoulders and arms. I had neck surgery. Then rotator cuff, then bilateral carpel tunnel surgeries. Finally, diagnosed with RA. RA factor was 450. SED rate of 56. I couldn’t move. Being a biology teacher, I didn’t want to take methotrexate or the others. I found this site and begged my PC to try mino/5 mgs pred. Did that for a year. After two weeks, I was moving. After a couple months, I was 80% back. After a year, I feel great! Playing golf, working in the yard and living! I took 5 mgs pred and 100 mgs of mino-twice a day – 3 times a week. I’m 57 now and feel great!

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