Patient Stories

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Kim 2006 NZ

“I have not been in to this discussion board for a long time now. I have not been 'avoiding' it - there just has not been the need. And it is all thanks to the”


Norma 2006 USA

“I wanted to post my story to date to give all of you who have been struggling with this disease (scleroderma)tremendous HOPE: Two years ago, at age 46, I rapidly went from an extremely physically”


Laurie 2006 CA

“My Story is dedicated to the memory of Jane Lee the lady who told me about "some website called road back or something like that." Fifteen years ago I had Raynauds syndrome and my esophagus”


Stephanie 2006 USA

“In the fall of 1997, I had never heard of scleroderma. I was very familiar with RA [rheumatoid arthritis] as my paternal grandmother had it for over 70 years. So, when my hands started going”

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Judy 2005 USA

“I was diagnoised with RA in may of 2003. I stumbled acrossed this web site while reading up on information about the disease. My RF was 668 at that time. I saw the doctor in”

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Karla 2005 USA

“Thanks to AP, most of the time I actually forget I have RA. Below are journal entries from my journey with AP. Now that Ive done so well, I no longer track my progress, but”

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Diana 2005

“I had RA for 15 yrs. & on the AP for 13yrs now & happy to say in complete remission. 13yrs ago was very desparte & sick- ruemy had me on Plaquenel, prednisone, nsaids- then”

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Char 2005 USA

“I was diagnoised with RA at 50 - 5 years before it was really active. I had a little problem with my feet but no swelling. 3 years ago I had a biking accident and”

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Susan 2005 USA

“Six months ago I was depressed, thinking about killing myself, had pain of 9 on scale of 10, could not walk, felt any quality life was over. Today I do still have light symptoms but”

Sjogren’s Syndrome

Sue 2005 USA

“In August of 2003 my life was suddenly altered. Although I had some issues over the prior 16 years, no doctors could tell me what I was dealing with. Fatigue, joint pain and over the”