Patient Stories


Donna 2020 USA

“My name is Donna Celeiro, I am 71, and live in Saugerties, New York (USA). I have had systemic scleroderma for 50+ years; it took me an unbelievable 27 years of searching and trying countless”

Scleroderma and Lyme disease/MSIDs

Janet 2020 Canada

“In 2002, the good health I had experienced all my life was about to change. I noticed a bump on my chest after attending a country wedding --- it was like some kind of an”


RJR1066 2018 USA

“In July of 2012 I woke up with numbness extending from my elbows to hands that quickly became painful. I normally ran 4 miles a day and within 2 months I was unable to even”


Sharon 2018 USA

“Systemic diffuse scleroderma with RNA polymerase III antibody My symptoms began in Sept. 2014 with fatigue and high heart rate of 140 bpm per a holotor monitor. Other symptoms followed: hair loss, swelling in arms,”

Scleroderma and Polymyostits

Beverly 2018 USA

“Up until the Spring of 1988, I considered myself phenomenally healthy. I ran three to five miles daily, bench pressed half my weight, lead an active social life and was budding into my career as”


Aynur 2017 Baku

“Dear Friends! I've been away for so long – sorry but you never leave my heart and thoughts! Just wanted to check in here, say hi and encourage all those new to the AP. It's”


Sharon 2017 USA

“My symptoms began abruptly in September 2014. Rash on face, swollen hands and fingers, swollen legs and feet and puffy face especially around eyes. Terrible fatigue. Chills and low grade fever. Very sensitive hands and”


Susan 2016 USA

“My SD symptoms started in 2005 but I was not diagnosed until 2006. I took conventional rheumatology meds for almost a year but my symptom progression continued very rapidly. I could not: open a water”


Sharon 2016 USA

“Minocycline works! My symptoms started in September 2014. I was diagnosed in January 2015 with systemic diffuse scleroderma. Heart was racing at 140 bpm. Rash on face. Swollen face, hands, fingers, legs, ankles and feet.”


Adrianne 2016 USA

“So it all began with a little weakness in my hands. Then it was a whirlwind of immense pain, fatigue, appointments, blood work, testing, and traveling to specialists. I wont bore you, you've experienced the”