Patient Stories

Scleroderma and Polymyostits

Beverly 2018 USA

“Up until the Spring of 1988, I considered myself phenomenally healthy. I ran three to five miles daily, bench pressed half my weight, lead an active social life and was budding into my career as”


Lisa 2015 USA

“In April 2014, I noticed that my leg strength had diminished. I mentioned it to a trainer, who said I could quickly regain that strength. She had me do various exercises including asking me to”


Liesl (Lee) 2005 USA

“My story was featured in the RB Intercessor a few years ago... Liesl Dutro, Dermatomyositis currently 37 years of age. My first symptoms 6appeared in July of 1996 and I was diagnosed with Dermatomyositis in”

Lupus, Dermatomyositis

Karen 2004 USA

“My purpose in writing this story is to discuss my autoimmune diseases and by telling my story hopefully offer you some inspiration. I am aware I can not use my Dr's name so I will”


Dex 2002 USA

“In April of 2002, I developed a bout of nausea that was unlike any other I'd experienced, leading to whole body weakness and a host of feelings that I can't really describe and shudder to”