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About Me Psoriatic Arthritis since 2014. Minor eczema & psoriasis patches flared into couple sausage joints. All MDs said plantar fascitis at first due to sudden onset of pain & inability to walk well. Microbiology/Toxicology educ. bkgrd triggers 1st thought: Possible Lyme, possible other infectious causes? Pls prescribe antibiotic? but docs insisted mechanism of action of arthritis not infectious. 1st Rheumatologist (fired him) injected 2 sausage joints with steroid, disfiguring them within a week. Lyme negative; Rh Negative; HLA positive. Carpal tunnel surgery helped one hand for a time. After 1 yr+ trials of ibuprofen!,then naproxen (works) sulfasalazine (weakly helpful) plaquenil (not at all), one injection of methotrexate, much research, discover this website, finally got Rx for doxycycline; 3 wks later walking with no pain. Painful hands most trouble now. Current meds: Doxycycline 200 mg/day, naproxen 500 mg prn, transdermal estrogen, trying 3 mg LDNaltrexone currently, Vit D, Vit C, probiotic, Vit E, Vit K2 other supps. reduced gluten, dairy, sugar in diet.
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