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    I also agree we are talking about different things. There is normal regeneration but there are
    many things that make regeneration longer. I think as more research is done, more efficient
    methods will be found to regenerate things. Thank you Krys for the information.


    Florida police are looking for people who are not wearing their seat belts. Buckle up when you enter the state.


    the primary battlefield is against the human mind. there is no doubt they want to weaken people especially on a mental level. the mind can be weakened and influenced in a multitude of subtle ways via chemical, biological, media and many other technologies. for incarnating beings, this physical world is a very dangerous place to come. more dangerous than it has to be. there are so many booby traps that can blow people up.


    the enzymes should be worth a shot for the cat

    Serrapeptase digests (dissolves) non-living tissue, blood clots, cysts, and arterial plaque and inflammation in all forms.


    thanks for alerting me about breast cancer and aspirin. i didn’t know. while searching for that i came across this pancreatic cancer. imagine if they did that study using fibrinolytic enzymes.

    i have not been to i have so many diseases to choose from. … lol

    snippets …

    Taking a low dose of aspirin every day may halve the risk of developing pancreatic cancer, according to one of the largest studies into the drug’s anti-cancer effects.

    US researchers found that people who took low-dose aspirin regularly for several years


    Here a small snippet explaining the difference between US and Canada

    For example, in the U.S. after a citizen rebellion against losing access to natural products, a law was passed called the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, 1994. Under this law natural remedies were deemed to be safe. Therefore, the U.S. government is not allowed to remove a natural remedy from the market unless it has evidence that the remedy is harmful. Because natural remedies are presumed to be safe in the U.S., there is no need to seek government pre-approval in the form of a licence to sell them. The consequence for the U.S. consumer is that natural remedies are abundant and inexpensive.

    In Canada, our government did the opposite and assumed that natural products are dangerous. Because NHPs are presumed to be dangerous, they are in effect all illegal. To become legal, a company has to convince Health Canada to grant a licence permitting sale.


    I am not on minocin yet but plan to.

    I live in Florida. I go to the pool 3 or more times a week usually for maybe 75 minutes. I am fair skin and have a tan. I have never used sun screen.

    When I started to use astaxanthin, I notice it protected my skin more. I use to turn much darker. I take it also because of fish oil oxidization which causes aging and brain damage. I take 8 mg per day.

    It’s good to hear that at least some aren’t having a problem. i was wondering about that.


    Just for clarification, i should have said that depopulation agenda is not just about death but disabling people physically and mentally. outside of an occasional comment as a heads up or informational post, i will just let people do their own due diligence on the subject.


    There isn’t any right path for all so this is a very confusing area to deal with … as someone said, it’s trial and error approach at best

    You have Prebiotic, Probiotics and Enzymes. You also have infections, inflammation or something else gone wrong.

    If we could see our lining of the intestinal and health of what has been called the villi by some, just like a skin problem, we could identify the more specific problem easier. villi get regrown every few days. there doesn’t seem a way to just cure it and forget about it. epithelial cells grow fast and die fast. i need to learn a lot more myself about this area.


    i had a thought the other day. using 1% to 3% hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash should be able to do the job also. it should be able to kill all the microbes that CHLORHEXIDINE kills and even more. just something to think about.


    i didn’t realize canada banned nattokinase. well, it tells you how much they care about people’s health.

    Codex was a preemptive measure to …
    minimize people’s access to natural cures
    artificially jack up the prices of supplements astronomically
    create a large government subsidy to keep the pharmaceuticals profitable
    their objective is to keep natural medicines out of the mainstream population if they can.

    on the flip side …

    the people and their families who are part of the new world orders organization structures have health problems also so they will need access to natural medicines. given the compartmentalization in their organizations, their will get damaged by the agendas also. the new world order works in apparent contradictions because of this, desire for total information control and other things. they can have agendas but those agendas can get somewhat muffled at times. i think people in their organizations are responsible for bringing awareness of many of the alternative cures. they still have to go along with some deathly agendas while they do it.

    they will have to keep some way of access to these so how to do this. boosting up the cost makes it more difficult to access for the financially marginal people. people who have enough money can access anything. even though they make something illegal, they can allow access other ways. by just making it harder to access, it dissuades many people from trying it.

    banning natural cures is complex. they really can’t ban hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. they can’t ban people from going on ketogenic diets. they can confuse people. they can create more obstacles. somewhere in the world they will allow access.

    there are alternatives to nattokinase … it’s the fibrinolytic activity that is important so one has lumbrokinase, serrapeptase etc … the price may be higher though … if push comes to shove, we will have to get use to eating natto or those caterpillars.

    we know codex will be transition in at some point. there will be a drive to give the pharmaceuticals more control of manufacturing supplements for the phoney reasons of “safety” and with that comes massive price increases and price fixing.


    For any mother choosing to give their children the vaccine for whooping cough

    Here is a snippet from mercola

    In the US, from January 1 to June 16, 2014, there have been nearly 10,000 cases of pertussis, or whooping cough, confirmed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This is a 24 percent increase compared to the same time period in 2013.1 The CDC maintains that the best way to prevent pertussis is to get vaccinated, but this deserves a closer look.

    CDC data shows 84 percent of children under the age of 3 have received at least FOUR DTaP shots and yet, despite this high vaccination rate, whooping cough still keeps circulating among both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.

    The vaccine is clearly ineffective, and it’s not just failing to prevent whooping cough in the US. In the UK, researchers similarly revealed that nearly 20 percent of fully vaccinated children still contracted whooping cough.

    Researchers from the University of Oxford followed 279 children, aged 5 to 15 years, who visited their doctors due to a persistent cough lasting two to eight weeks. Twenty percent of the children were diagnosed with whooping cough, including 18 percent who were fully vaccinated against it.2 The researchers concluded:

    “Pertussis can still be found in a fifth of school age children who present in primary care with persistent cough and can cause clinically significant cough in fully vaccinated children.”


    holistic dentists are so hard to find, i would have to travel to other side of the state if i used one. the other problem is that they are limited in their holistic practice. the few i’d want to go to are are probably in california so a long ways away. plus they can be so much more expensive like 2 to 3 times the regular price. luckily i don’t need much done so not a problem.

    i always keep antibiotic amoxicillin on hand so i can try to self treat the problems myself. i experimented with treating a deep infected tooth and was not successful. i was able to treat an infected tooth in top gum.

    you said … it’s not what we “take”; it’s what we “absorb.”

    I completely agree. That has always been my thinking for decades.

    This is why it can be difficult in finding remedies for people. It could be that one needs to resolve one problem before one can resolve another problem. There may be damaged to intestinal villus or something less well known intestinal things. I haven’t wrapped my brain around that area yet. first thing one needs to know is what does actually get damaged. since one may have no way of actually knowing then one needs to experiment.

    As far as the cataract remedies, they are applied to the eye surface so digestive tract not involved

    The cheapest route for the carnosine drops is buy the bulk powder which cost $40 and make your own. There is enough to last many years. The recipe is based on 1 ml = 1 g. They therapeutic dosage is 1% solution. Maybe use colloidal silver instead of distilled water. Maybe even increase strength. Too many chronically ill people are struggling financially so they need as many homemade solutions as possible.

    On the other end of spectrum is just buy a well known brand name one. Look in amazon for reviews. This will remove any doubt.

    Someone has said that if you can put the carnosine drops on every 2-3 hours a day, it dissipates the cataracts faster. That makes sense. This may be inconvenient but for those that don’t want to wait all those months, this may be the way to go. So maybe use a brand name and home made solution to get the best of both worlds.

    I would try the castor oil one first. You put a drop or two in your eye before bed and roll your eye around. it doesn’t sting or nothing. you don’t feel anything except a greasy eyeball. The oil is suppose to dissolve the cataract. It has worked in quite a few people but not in all. It’s more convenient. Maybe put it on twice a day.

    Maybe experiment more and combine solutions.

    i will create a separate post for the heart pain question


    Kids can get exemptions for vaccines but there could be exceptions.
    As far as schooling, i always advocate home schooling.


    “When cataracts form, levels of calcium and sodium in the lens increase, and levels of potassium, vitamin C, and protein decrease. “

    This could be calcification problem.
    The problem may be that vitamin D needs a complement of nutrients to work.
    This may suggest a lack of vitamin K etc.

    As far as cataracts, there are possible natural remedies for that also

    N-acetyl carnosine (NAC eye drops)
    castor oil

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