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    Hi All,
    just wanted to give you a little update, maybe some hope and encouragement too!
    I just had a big load of bloodwork done and everything is in range except for my ANA which is 1:320. ENA is still negative.
    Just the last week or so I have noticed some symptom improvement which is great as I haven’t seen any for over a year. (Though I was already 90% better). Just couldn’t shake the fatigue, raynauds, collagen in my palms and the tightness in my neck and sides of my face. But all of a sudden my rings are falling off and I can feel the skin on my neck getting loose. Not sure if its anything specific or just a combo of things and time. I have finished the first 3 months of the Cowden Program for Lyme, and about two weeks ago I added Lysine, Bromelain, pantothenic acid, evening primrose oil, and I also started putting DSMO on my neck. I actually think that is the thing that is helping.
    Also, just got results of my CD57 back (Lyme). I am so happy. 2 years ago when first tested it was 33. Then it went to 48. Haven’t had it retest for 18 months but it came back at 95 and Lympocytes 7.28 (normal >4.65). The doc said when cd57 is over a hundred I can start reducing some of the antibiotics. I take a ton. His plan is to put me on a high dose but just one day a week. The theory is to let the lyme come out of hiding and then nuke it. He said the maintenance dose of doxy or mino will just keep it in hiding. He knows what he is doing so I will try this and then resume the doxy long term. Taking 100 or 200 mg a day would be just ducky with me–some days I am closer to 3000 mg of antibiotics. Did IV Clindamycin for a year and I guess it was worth it. I will let you know what the plan is when I talk to the doc. Not sure if it will be status quo a bit longer or change the program. I am truly blessed. So much amazing support. Thank you all!

    Systemic Scleroderma since 2010. Lyme and Myco P. AP and many other antibiotics and treatments since Nov. 2011. Presently mostly in remission other than fatigue.
    Teva Minocycline 100mg a day. Dessicated tyroid, LDN 4.5, LDI, hawthorne, curcurmin, berberine,, caprylex, reishi mushroom, liver protect, zinc,, fish oils, magnesium, vit K2, d3, bcomp, E, C


    Hey kater,

    This is all really great news- congratulations and keep

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