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    Jeanies Girl

    I just recently went to the doctor for a baseline lab test because I wanted to lose weight and wanted to see where I was starting at. I had long ago given up on doctor’s being of any help for my ongoing symptoms of fatigue and aches after being told by two doctors that I was depressed which I wasn’t and my husband being told by one doctor he was depressed which he wasn’t and another that there was nothing wrong with him which there was. Anyway I was feeling so poorly that I just spilled everything and she said she thought it sounded like I had a rheumatic disorder and wanted me to get tested. So I tested positive for the mycoplasm. She never gave me any other diagnosis other than unidentified bacterial infection. So where am I? It sounds like I have a bacterial infection that left unchecked would have eventually developed into some disease. Am I just in the pre-stage?

    DX: Bacterial (mycoplasm) infection
    AP: Began June 2015
    Clindomycin IV 900 mg-every 3 months for 5 days
    Minocycline 100 mg MWF am and pm
    Flagyl 500 mg 2 x day for 3 days in a row every month
    Symptoms: Since approximately 1997-Extreme fatigue, (Intermittent: muscle weakness, stiffness, brain fog, lack of stamina)
    Supplements: Vit. C 3000 mg, Vitamin D 5000 IU every other day and 10,000 on remaining days, Vitamin B complex, Fish Oil 1000 mg 2 x day

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