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    Symptoms began in 2014 when I got a summer bug. Followed by mild itching all over. Saw doctor and was given Z-pack. It didn’t help. Over the next few months developed pain in my wrist and feet and hands. No swelling redness or heat just pain. Eventually was seen by GP and requested testing. Normal RF, SED rate and CRP but low positive ccp. Decided on my own to see a Rhuemy. She was not really concerned with positive ccp. Saw no evidence of swelling or Redness. Said no active disease without swelling. Did ultrasound on wrist and showed no inflammation. Repeated Anti-CcP and it was still low positive with everything else normal range. Have been dealing with pain issues daily ever since. I think gluten free diet helps but does not eliminate pain. Have had both shoulders X-ray and both are always normal. Wouldn’t damage show up after 3 years? Last SED rate was 3.? Went back to see my LLMD as was dx and treated for chronic Lyme in 2007. Felt much better and reached remission. He wants to retreat me with big gun antibiotics. I’m not sure about this. Subsequently had Pap smear done and found microscopic blood in stool and now am awaiting colonoscopy. Is this RA? Is this Chronic Lyme? Pain is a burning pain. Not throbbing but burns on the inside. Sometimes I feel like my big toes are raw. I don’t know WTF is going on but I’m so tired and scared. Any advice or ideas? Thanks.

    Lynne G.SD

    Hi Shannan;
    I have long standing Lyme and probably will just have to live with it.I did use the heavy duty antibiotivs and hoped it was gone also.Not so,every now and then it wants to come back with it’s pal SD.Now I am only using mino or doxy and it pretty well stays under control.Never count on Lyme to be gone if you had it a long time before getting a diagnosis.I am sure that Maz will see your post and give you good advice,as she always does.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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