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    It’s been a while since I have been here. I struggled in the past with Lyme, psoriasis and possible ankylosing spondylitis. I seem to have developed a new issue which is a vocal tremor or spasmodic dysphonia. I had a scope done by an ENT in which he was able to visualize the tremor in the vocal cords. He felt I had a neurological condition possibly MS. I saw a neurologist who felt I had essential tremor and recommended primodone. The idea of taking that med regularly had me concerned. I am also on thyroid meds, WP thyroid for hypothyroidism. My levels see: ok with my tsh suppressed. I do notice shortly after taking my morning dose a worsening of my symptoms and have tried switching meds. Caffeine also increases my vocal tremor.
    I’m feally unsure what else to do and find the whole issue embarrassing at times and interfering with my work.


    Hi Ellie,

    Aside from the vocal tremor, how are you doing with the Lyme, psoriasis and AS? Do you feel like you’ve reached a remissive state? The unfortunate thing about Lyme is that one never really gets rid of it when it becomes chronic and it waxes and wanes and comes out of hiding during stressful life events, hormonal changes, another infection, etc. Are you still on abx therapy?

    Your vocal cord tremor reminded me of Shania Twain’s Lyme history that prevented her from singing for a while due to Lyme-induced dysphonia.

    Shania Twain says battle with Lyme disease affected her vocal cords

    Of course, it may not be due to Lyme in your case, but as you mentioned this, just thought I’d pass that news item along. Lyme gets into the nervous system and any collagen-rich tissues it can settle in. Rheumatic disease can also have an effect on the “voice box” due to inflammation in the Cricothyroid joint. The laryngeal nerve branches off the thyroid, so if Lyme gets into the thyroid and the nerves that supply this part of the neck, then this is perhaps how it can affect vocal cords.

    Gastro-esophageal reflux can also affect the vocal cords and can be hard to detect if GERD is silent.

    Caffeine makes sense, because it’s a neuro-stimulant, but can also exacerbate reflux.

    Have you been checked for thyroid nodules? Thyroid labs can appear very normal – mine were – but nodules can go undetected unless they cause pressure in the neck.

    I hope something here might stimulate some ideas for you, Ellie. Pleases let us know what you discover.

    Severe, swift onset RA as a result of Lyme disease
    Current Meds: Biaxin (500mg BID), Tetracycline (500mg BID), Tirosint (88mcg), Liothyronine (10 mcg), Compounded Liposomal Artemisinin, LDN (3mg), Topical Progesterone,
    Current Supps: Curcumin, Bovine Colostrum, ALA. NAC, Milk Thistle, Super Liquid Folate/B12/B-Complex, Probiotics, Vit D3
    Supportive Measures: IV Myer's Cocktails, IV Glutathione, FIR Sauna, Gluten-free diet, Gym.


    Maz, you are always so helpful. I know this information will help. Thank you for posting this about Shania Twain. I did not know this. I don’t want celebrities to get sick but they have such a platform and audience. I am glad she is talking about it.

    Flare fall of 2014...muscle aches, joint pains, fatigue, hair loss, rashes, etc.
    RA Factor 71 in Jan 2015 down to 25 as of September 2017
    DR4/DQ8 HLA...biotoxin illness
    IGG food allergy to wheat, egg, and dairy...probably all grains
    Vit. C&D, probiotics, milk thistle, turmeric, fish oil, methyl b 12, methyl folate, digestive enzymes, Candisol, Ubiquinol, berberine, chlorella, Moducare, LDN, monolaurin, Triphala, Patriot Greens, Paractin
    MTHFR compound heterozygous
    Igenex IGM positive Lyme, minoMWF

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