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    This item was announced on the news in Australia today.
    A Queensland researcher, Professor Ranjeny Thomas has developed a vaccine to reverse RA.
    Apparently it’s been through successful trials.
    Here’s one link to the news item.

    Early clinical trial success for new rheumatoid …
    12 hours ago … UQ Diamantina Institute researcher Professor Ranjeny Thomas said results …


    Hi Enzed,

    Thanks for posting this…immunotherapy therapy certainly seems to be a strong focus of research these days for all sorts of diseases, including cancers, and one hopes for other devastating diseases, like scleroderma.

    This one sounds so targeted that it could provide a great way to control RA without all the side-effects of the current immunotherapies, like the injectable (biologics) anti-TNF meds.

    The link was broken above…is this the one you meant to post?


    It’s interesting that they are calling it a “vaccine,” which it is, in effect. My guess is that it won’t be a one-off injection (or series of injections to create resistance as in infectious diseases), but that it will be a drug one would need to inject for life, especially as they are planning to create a drug for mass market use, rather than the individualized early trials they had run, using each patient’s blood products. Nevertheless, it would be pretty amazing if they can produce such a medication that is so targeted that it just blocks the immune response to cyclic citrullinated peptide without shutting down vital elements of the immune response (thus preventing collateral damage and unwanted side-effects). It also seems this vaccine is directed to just those with specific genetic haplotypes and who are anti-CCP positive, but this is one of the most aggressive types of RA and could be an amazing starting point.

    Will be fascinating to watch this research unfold over time and see if it makes it to the market. Thanks for posting! 🙂


    Yes it’s an interesting development. In the TV news bulletin I saw it on, they said the “vaccine” had possible positive implication for MS sufferers also.

    Be well! Lynnie

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    Linda L

    It worries me that it is another probably mega-drug which suppresses the immune system. Why don’t they try the opposite?
    Linda L.

    RA tried everything: Methotraxate, Arava, Humira. Pneumonia three times. Anemia. Very low iron. Hypothyroidism
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