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    Hi There – I started a new thread because didn’t want to make people feel the need to read everything – so sort of aimed at Phil and Maz :):):) but anyone else chime in if you want.

    OKAY – finally got to see my long standing GP after much delay to see about a Macrolide.

    SECOND OKAY – Phil I managed to get YET another different brand of Doxy ( as I had 2 scripts left over from Opthamologist) and low and behold the rash from hell stopped – well it didn’t quite stop but pretty good – I am taking the 50mg twice a day Mon Wed Frid – has not helped pain body(unlike Mino) but does indeed help eyes.

    THIRD okay – my GP said she was happy to add a macrolide but wanted it to be Clarithromycin (Klacid here in Aus)( I did give her an entire list of them ) but I am unsure whether to just add it with Doxy Mon Wed Frid so can have days in between – GP said she didn’t know and to get back to you – YOU ARE ALL FAMOUS !!!!! Dr has only prescribed me enough for 250mg of Macrolide 3 times a week so that will only last till April – I know its up to me and my gut feeling no pun intended is take it on same days – any imput on that thought??????????????
    My GP has been very open but flying under radar – I will get a blood test done before I start Macrolide just to make sure Doxy hasn’t by now also put up my ungrateful liver enzymes.
    Many thanks my fellow travellers – Susan mary


    Hi SusanMary,

    What a journey you have had to take! Well, kudos to you, and hope your new brand of doxy works well. Can only share my personal experience which is that when I was taking Dr. Brown style AP – low dose, pulsed mino with zith – I took both on M-W-F. The rationale in the book is that the days off allow for normal protein synthesis to resume, but also to minimize potential herxing and tissue hypersensitivity.

    Hopefully others will chime in with what worked well for them and wishing you all the best!


    Hi Maz – Thank you :):):) THAT is all I needed and will do it that way – my bllod tests to check Doxy and Liver Enzymes were all okay. Mind you its not 106 weeks like the Mino was !!!!

    So at least next time I check with Dr I have the pre Macrolide readings.
    I really appreciate your comments.

    YES what a journey for all of us – we just go by book, by kindness of others sharing their stories.

    Many thanks
    I’ll update if my story gets changed

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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