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    I don't know if there are still many here who remember me.Four years ago I posted on this site quite regularly.My wife found found out about Dr. S in Iowa and we made the 1000 mile journey in hopes of finding relief for her RA.At 30 years old she was dealing with a disease that made her feel more like 90 and things were going downhill fast.We flew to Omaha on a Monday and I had to push her through the airports in a wheelchair.We drove to Ida Grove and got a nice room at the Delux Inn (highly recommend).We went to Dr.S that afternoon.The next morning we went to Horn Memorial and began the twice daily antibiotic IVs.We spent the next 5 days going to Horn Memorial for antibiotic IVs.By Friday there was noticeable improvement and going home Saturday Nan had so much energy that I had a hard time keeping up with her in the airports!Dr S put her on 200 mg daily of Minocin and she uses the generic with great results.

    To make a long story shorter….

    We went back 6 months later for another 5 day round of IVs.

    1 year after that we went again and

    again 1 year later.

    All the while there were ups and downs but we believed in the protocol and stuck with it.

    One major improvement came after we began to understand the importance of keeping a good balance of bacteria in the body.She eats a cup of yogurt every day and feels fantastic.

    Now 5 years after beginning AP she is completely back on track with her life.We have 4 children ages 13, 11, 9 and 6 and we enjoy every minute we spend as a family.Nan faithfully takes her Minocin and an occassional round of Zithromax.

    We thank God every day for Dr S and the AP therapy.

    My plea to anyone that has RA or any other condition that the AP will help or cure is to get on it as soon as possible and STAY with it!

    Yes, Nan had major herxes at times.Yes, it set us back financially to spend the time to travel to and from Iowa 4 times.But it is all worth it now.Nan lives in a painfree world and life is good.

    Feel free to email me with any questions at or


    Robert Schmidt

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