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    Hi Jill,
    Thanks for the description of your FIR blanket! I’ll check into the polluting aspect. I’ve noticed, just today, that my sensitivity to electromagnetic field got heightened. I was standing in front of a plugged in coffee maker and I unplugged it and immediately noticed big difference in interference on the brain waves. All of a sudden the brain felt quieter and cleaner! So I’ll be paying attention to models that are less polluting. Thanks for bringing it up!

    I bought the very cheapest model for $18.32 “Infrared Light Heat Lamp Hand Held Massager”. At the moment of buying I did not notice the difference between the two available. But what I received was exactly what Jan describes she has, “Infrared Deep Heat Wand” with the producer’s name on it, ” Built Rite”. It looks exactly like the model sold for $27.19. There’s a slight angle to the heating “head” which may make it easier to apply to the back.
    My toes actually sweated on it twice already! I know it sounds funny that one may be proud of sweating, but I am very proud whenever I do. My feet never sweat and my toe nails are all black (maybe a fungus?) which seems to me to be related to circulation as it started when my blood turned very thick and all skin turned numb. It still maybe a fungus but so far nothing antifungal worked and detox foot soaks work somewhat and so far the lamp seems to be offering slight improvement. The toes themselves turn normal color after the application of the FIR heat and the nails have started getting lighter, but it’s still not that big of a difference.
    I’m sure I’ll be using the FIR lamp more often than the FIR blanket, though for general warming up and detox, the lamp is just too small and the FIR sauna/blanket will be much better for that purpose!

    Jill, you mentioned in another thread that you started using acupuncture.
    Do they apply moxibustion to your belly?
    It’s a 2″ circle holding lit up herbal incense, the purpose being warming some deficient organs or meridians. It really burns! There are 3-5 short incense sticks used. I’ve always had them applied and they were quite a big part of the usefulness of the sessions for me. I wonder if they were deemed useful in your case, with bowel obstruction problems. I would not apply heat without asking if it is OK, just to be sure it will not be contraindicated in your case. I, myself, was told applying any form of heat to my tummy, anywhere below the belly button, is immensely beneficial for me. I had it applied during the sessions above belly button, too, to strengthen/help out liver, spleen, gallbladder, stomach. I know it helped raise my low body temperature back to normal and was helping big time with constipation. Once, when another doc treated me, I was told to just make small pillows (out of any old fabric, any old blouse, etc.), fill it up with rice, put in the microwave for a short while or oven set for low temp. (like 120F) and then place it on my belly. She did sat lower belly, but at that time constipation due to inner cold was the main issue. The visiting TCM doc said it was safe and that I could use it daily. But she did voice this opinion to my specific state of health, so it would be something you would have to specifically ask your TCM doc if it is helpful / safe for your condition. There may be conditions in which applying heat can be downright dangerous. I shudder to think that somebody’s appendix could burst or inflammation due to heat (not: cold like in me) condition could get worse!

    I never had any bowel obstruction but I think I did start developing what sounded like bell’s palsy of the gut. It felt as if I had a long stick in my colon and the part of the colon was thrashing back and forth for hours on end. At first I thought I had a tape worm but then I noticed it felt like stiffness on the outer, right hand side of the colon, always the same length, always the same movement. So I decided it was rather the the wall of the colon than anything else obstructing it. It did disappear after a few months of abx and it came back for a short while when I was off abx for a few months. Again resuming abx resolved the issue.
    I never checked for SD. I believe that having thin and dry mucosa and deficient collagen, may mean that my body is not that good at making good healthy collagen and healthy tissue, and when the need to make it is big, it starts making a sick one instead. Infection has something to do with it, because abx resolved most of my SD-like symptoms.
    The above description is to say that heat application was still beneficial for me. And now I started applying the FIR heat lamp to my lower belly. I hope I find the energy to make those heating pillows. I’ve seen some on the internet filled with pink Himalayan salt. They were to be warmed up at the oven at 120F (or frozen in the freezer) and then applied as a warm/cold pack wherever needed.
    If your acupuncture sessions DO include moxibustion, you may ask them if they can order some for you for your use at home. I did ask and it comes really very cheap ($30 for 2 boxes of moxi incense, 200 each, + 3 torches, + 3 moxi stands + 100 tiny incense sticks for single acupressure points). If the application of heat is OK and advisable, you may benefit from doing it more often, on a daily basis. I have not tried mine yet.

    Those are just loose suggestions. Maybe worthwhile to ask if they would be beneficial in your case?

    Jan Lucinda1

    I sometimes alternate heat and cold for a flare.

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