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    After 18 years on minocin brand my insurance wont cover brand anymore—I am on my last appeal with independent arbitrator but I know I have a weak case —THey will cover generic –Since the minocin now costs about 31000 a year for 100mg 2x daily -I can see why they want generic —my druggist tells me there is a general shortage of minocycline for now -and the only one he can get a steady supply of is Torrent –anyone use it –comments ? experience ?–my plan is to take one generic and one brand for the next three months then all generic –sort of transition into generic —


    Hi Richie, I am unclear whether the minocycline capsules that I took were torrent or ranbaxy…the pharmacy told me it was ranbaxy but I believe they were purchased by torrent…but again…not sure. Anyhow, they did not work for me and ended my remission but that’s just me. I’ve read on this board that Ranbaxy has worked for many. I suspect it’s a wait and see. I also wonder if the brand is timed release and the generics are not…that might make a difference. I wonder if just the change itself (any change) can cause issue in some. I am on the Actavis (used to be Watson, now owned by Teva had “DAN” on them) now because the TEVA brand that I used to take is no longer manufactured by TEVA. I am improving…but again…that’s just me. Wish I could be more help.

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    I also wonder if the brand is timed release

    It isn’t. That’s one of the things I looked into when I researched minocycline generics.


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    Hi Richie – I posted earlier, but it was accidentally deleted. So you may have already read this.

    If you recall I took Minocin for several years and was in remission when Walgreens switched me to Teva and after six months I came out of remission. I was able to get Minocin and started back through the herx process towards remission. Then after six months Minocin was denied by my insurance and I got Watson. I was on that for six months and seriously declined. I then got Minocin again by new insurance. After six months they denied and switched me to Torrent. I took the Torrent waiting for my doctor to appeal the denial and noticed after two weeks it was working as well as Minocin. Although I did get Minocin filled after appeal I’ve continued to take Torrent and I’m once again nearing remission. So, for me it has worked.

    I think I must have had a premonition as I woke up this morning and felt the urge to check on Roadback. I don’t post often. However, I often think about you as you are such a long timer on this board using Minocin. I worried that one day you would lose access to it. I hope my message gives you some comfort that there are solutions. I also hope and pray that Valeant sells to a different manufacturer and we will all once again be able to get Minocin cost effectively.



    Nice thoughts -thanks –richie


    Hi Richie
    So sorry to hear that news – and hoping that the independent arbitrator comes through for you.

    If no, I wonder if it would also be worth considering getting a compounding pharmacy to make up minocycline capsules for you, as Spiffy1 has done?

    Be well! Lynnie

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    Yes! It is working for me. I was allergic to Torrent, but I am weird. What about getting it filled by a Canadian pharmacy? Is it cheaper there? By the way I have Torrent capsules just sitting unused in my cabinet still in date. PM me if you can think what to do with them.

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