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    The last few years have been a bit of a ride for me and along my way I found your website, and your members. I had questions and you all gave very insightful answers. I have grown a lot since I first came here and when I first logged on I was sick and scared out of my skull. I had no idea what was wrong with me and I was in a lot of pain on a day to day basis with very little relief other than a small remission here and a tinier one there. I had been on a diet for 7-8 months before and had found a tiny bit of success with my shoulders and wrists but my knees ankles and back were not making much progress. I wanted a cane but was to masculine in my own brain to even think about it. I didn’t take pain killers and I hardly whined but I was very worried. It changed my personality. before I was bold and wreckless. Stupid and the rest. Nothing could stop me, I was young. Now I had a new respect for the world. I was sick, and it wasn’t going away. It was getting worse. I was forced to quit my job in construction and I went to school. I aspired to be a police officer. I was going to get well again. I had a feeling.

    The doctors had no idea what was wrong with me. Before the arthritis I was diagnosed with H-pylori by a newly acquired GP. I forget her name but she wasn`t very proffessional. sign the script, get out of my face style. I was sick for a few months. I swallowed her pills and slowly recovered from Acid reflux from hell, vomiting and “other symptoms” you could imagine that come from having h pylori. Anyways the whole situation made me afraid of this woman so I left and never went back. Next I got in with my friends doctor who was also a good acquaintence of mine and was very proffessional. Also very thankful later on that he had quite the open mind and didnt mind taking my advice should I present it with knowledge and factual understanding!! I didnt know any of this yet though because I didnt think I was sick, even though I was…

    Pretty soon after the H-pylori episode I began feeling very tired all the time. my legs felt heavy if I stood in one place my lymph nodes were constantly swollen my neck hurt and I would get lightheaded, cold feet or burning feet, chest pains, anxiety, eye twitching… endless list of odd things I have never experienced. My family said I was a hypochondriac, I went to the doctor. “Nothing wrong buddy, maybe its all in your head. you need to relax?? are you stressed?” Of course I’m stressed. I don’t feel good!
    anyways this feeling went on for 6-8 months and I eventually just shutup and lived with it. at least the anxiety and chest pains went away. the rest just remained. tired, sore leg muscles,sore swollen neck and burning cold feet.

    One day I was at a hospital charity doing volunteer work with my ex girlfriend and my knee started to hurt. Odd I thought. It was really sore but I hadn’t done anything to hurt it. In fact I was sitting when It started to hurt. The pain didn’t go away and it didn’t really get better. within’ two weeks both knees hurt and so did my right foot. all the same. they didn’t swell but they would get red and alternate between feeling really hot and really cold. pretty soon it was in my back and my shoulders and my neck. one morning I woke up at the cottage and my ex had to drive me home and get me to the chiropractors I was more or less a walking cripple. This wasn’t fun and we were both worried now. Then I was suddenly better??? nope, back to pain again. this remission hit cycle went on for months. Then I started going online, all my doctor would give me is pain killers but I never took them. he did blood tests (alll the usual’s I’m not going through the list :P) and nothing was a hit other than in my physical he found cysts on my thyroid. (That was the only thing I’ve ever been truly diagnosed with other than a wheat allergy in which comes a bit later) They scanned my thyroid. checked it out and found that the cysts had no significance. they meant nothing even though I had been underweight my whole life. 6’6″ and 140 pounds. now 135 and regaining since I lost a lot of weight with h pylori (I looked like a cancer patient with hair). Anywho, nobody was helping me so I decided to help myself. On to the Internet!!!!

    WOW! so much info on arthritis! MY IMMUNE SYSTEM CAN GIVE ME ARTHRITIS?!?! Who knew? I didn’t until now. Tons of info… Food Allergies? Toxins? Hadn’t read anything on bacteria yet. never saw the link! Food allergies consumed my brain. What am I eating? how do I figure out whats bad for me if they can take an apparent max of a week to cause symptoms! Yeast? Gluten? Dairy? Leaky gut? OH man I eat a lot of unhealthy foods. they are making me sick! this was obvious. Out with the yeast and gluten. This was my goal and I was off to the bookstore. they had the recipies. I love to eat. I’ve always eaten huge meals 5-6 times a day. I was always skinny… Malnourished from food allergies… I went on a yeast free diet. meat, veggies sparse natural gr
    ains like quinoa and brown rice. spices and natural oils. All good grub. got some energy back. a bit less pain in my shoulders elbows and back. progress! then I went for allergy testing from my doctor at my request.

    I got a positive for wheat allergies, and shellfish, dust and grass.
    The diet did my upper body a lot of good but my knees and ankles were falling apart. I wasnt taking pain killers but I was dousing my legs in pain spray which was enough for me to get around with an almost unnoticable limp. A family trait of being tough. Bentley’s never let a problem show physically. especially when your a carpenter and you want to be a firefighter or police officer and follow in your fathers footsteps. (My dad is the Deputy Fire Chief for the City of Vaughan in Ontario, Canada.)

    So I stayed on the diet but it wasn’t enough. My treatment plan had halted half way. and now I had this prickling sensation in my calf muscles. It came and went on and off and later on you will learn it was the last symptom I would ever have. My legs were still a mess and I was starting school in a few months. my upper Body was in great shape again from the diet but I had phys ed courses in police training and was afraid I couldn’t do the running aspect which was usually a strong skill I had. With my height and low weight I was really freaking fast when I was healthy. Back on the web…

    Found a naturopath, And for her privacy I will refer to her has Dr S.
    Dr. S gave me a Full Allergy panel but because I had been on a paleo diet for so long Nothing came back positive, not even wheat. It had been so long since I had eaten the stuff. Gluten was negative as well. I was blindly told that I didnt have food allergies and I was suggested to wisely pay up for toxic metal tests. I took the tests and was shown that I had lead poisoning. well I did work in a metal shop for a year. I left because I was coughing up black soot every day from welding, and I was a pipe fitting apprentice once as well and used to eat my lunch with lead pipe dope (lead paste used to seal steel fittings) all over my hands. I really couldn

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