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    Colts vs Saints ~ OK, here's my dilemma…….I grew up in New Orleans, but I live in Indiana and am a huge Peyton Manning fan.  My two favorite teams are playing against each other……..hate that. 😕

    My family is still in the New Orleans area and that city is going absolutely nuts with excitement.  This is a forward that my sister sent and if you've ever been to New Orleans you'll get it.  Crazy fun!

    Dear Miami,
    The Saints are coming. And so are we, their loyal, long-suffering and
    slightly discombobulated Super Bowl-bound fans.

    While there's still time to prepare — although a few hard-core Who
    Dats will begin trickling in Monday, most of us won't arrive until
    Thursday or Friday — we thought we'd give you a heads-up about what
    you should expect.

    First things first: You need more beer.

    Yeah, we know. You ordered extra. You think you have more than any
    group of humans could possibly consume in one week. Trust us. You

    New Orleans was a drinking town long before the Saints drove us to
    drink. But it turns out beer tastes better when you're winning. (Who
    knew?) So let's just say we're thirsty for more than a championship;
    adjust your stockpiles accordingly.

    And look. When we ask you for a go-cup, be nice to us. We don't even
    know what “open container law” means. Is that anything like “last

    It's Carnival season in New Orleans (that's Mardi Gras to you), and
    we'll be taking the celebration on the road. So don't be startled if
    you walk past us and we throw stuff at you; that's just our way of
    saying hello.

    Oh, and sorry in advance about those beads we leave dangling from your
    palm trees. We just can't help ourselves.

    February is also crawfish season, and you can be sure that more than
    one enterprising tailgater will figure out a way to transport a couple
    sacks of live mudbugs and a boiling pot to Miami.

    When the dude in the 'Who Dat' T-shirt asks if you want to suck da
    head and pinch da tail, resist the urge to punch him. He's not
    propositioning you. He's inviting you to dinner.

    And if you see a big Cajun guy who looks exactly like an old Saints
    quarterback walking around town in a dress … don't ask. It's a long

    We know that crowd control is a major concern for any Super Bowl host
    city. Our advice? Put away the riot gear.

    Reason No. 1: Indianapolis is going to lose, and their fans are way
    too dull to start a riot.

    Reason No. 2: New Orleans showed the world on Sunday that we know how
    to throw a victory party. We don't burn cars. We dance on them.

    Reason No. 3: Even if we did lose, which we won't, leaving the stadium
    would be like leaving a funeral, and our typical response to that is
    to have a parade.

    Speaking of which: If you happen to see a brass band roll by, followed
    by a line of folks waving their handkerchiefs, you're not supposed to
    just stand there and watch. As our own Irma Thomas would say, get your
    backfield in motion.

    And hey, Mister DJ! Yes, we know you've already played that stupid
    Ying Yang Twins song 10 times tonight, but indulge us just one more

    To us, “Halftime (Stand Up and Get Crunk
    <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZALurbuc5Hw>;)” isn't just a song; it's
    576 points of good memories. It's the sound of a Drew Brees touchdown
    pass to Devery Henderson, a Pierre Thomas dive for first down on
    4th-and-1, a Garrett Hartley field goal sailing through the uprights
    in overtime.

    It's what a championship sounds like. You may get sick of hearing it.
    We won't. Encore, dammit.

    Inside Sun Life Stadium, you may find your ears ringing more than
    usual. We're louder than other fans. Seven thousand of ours sound like
    70,000 of theirs.

    Don't believe us? Ask the 12th man in the Vikings huddle.

    Don't be surprised if there are more Saints fans outside the stadium
    than inside. A lot of us are coming just to say we were part of
    history, even if we can't witness it up close. The Saints are family
    to us, and you know how it is with family: We want to be there for
    them, whether they really need us or not. Because we know our presence
    will mean something to them, whether they can see us or not.

    Come to think of it, seeing as how you're taking us in for the week,
    we pretty much regard you as family, too. So we're warning you now: If
    you're within hugging distance, you're fair game.

    Hugging strangers is a proud Who Dat tradition, right up there with
    crying when we win.

    Most sports fans cry when their teams lose. Not us. We've been losing
    gracefully and with good humor for 43 years. Tragedy and
    disappointment don't faze us. It's success that makes us go to pieces.

    Hurricane Katrina? We got that under control. The Saints in the Super

    So anyway, don't let the tears of joy freak you out. We're just … disoriented.

    OK. Let's review:

    Order more beer. Throw me something, mister. Suck da heads. Wear da
    dress. Stand up. Get crunk. Hug it out. Protect your eardrums. Pass
    the Kleenex. Hoist the trophy.

    See you at the victory party.

    Faithfully yours,

    The Who Dat Nation

    Some people think it's just the Dome that heightens our volume. But
    you're about to discover a little secret: We can scream loud enough to
    make your head explode, indoors or out.

    It's not the roof. It's the heart.

    Well, OK, and the beer.


    That's so funny, Kim. We have a mini version of Mardi Gras here in SA, called Fiesta week, which includes a few nights called NIOSA-Night In Old San Antonio. An area downtown becomes packed with food/drink vendors and bands, and open beer containers are the rule, as are crowds packed so tight that it literally takes 10 min to cross a street. Lots of beads being thrown around as well. I went once, with a guy who was trying to parley our friendship into something more; he told me that we would have to hold hands or we would get separated. I thought he was just trying to find an easy way to get cozy, but he was telling the truth. Not that he didn't try to do more than hold my hand, but thankfully, the spirit of NIOSA saved me – a guy who had too much to drink and couldn't wait in line for a portable facility decided to relieve himself on the wall beside us.:shock: Zoinks!!! I immediately took advantage of the situation and asked politely (uh-huh, sure) if he would take me home. :roll-laugh::roll-laugh::roll-laugh: Whew! That was a close one!

    Just one of many amusing little anecdotes from my early post divorce forays into the dating world.

    Speaking of weekend activities, my son Josh is hunkered down in DC (Bethesda, in Northern MD) this weekend. He was posting pics every hour on facebook under the title 'Snowmageddon 2010', of the snow accumulation, but I have not seen any new posts for a few hrs, which makes me wonder if his power is out. More likely that he's sleeping. I hope all of our members who live in the path of this storm are safe and sound – that probably includes many people, including you, Kim. Be careful shoveling that snow. Pretty amazing that at one point that storm was creating snow from KC, Mo to Wash., DC.

    I would never boast, ahem, but it was 68 here yesterday and today it's supposed to be 66 w/abundant sunshine. 😎 Hey, we paid our dues last summer with 60+ days of temps over 100, and the rest of the days in the upper 90's.

    I have no favorite in the Superbowl either, except for maybe a little bit of rooting for the underdog, New Orleans. I'm proud to say that here in SA we don't burn cars when we win championships, either, we have a really cool parade down the Riverwalk. Go Spurs!


    Hi–Sorry Kim –but the Saints will revert to the aints —Of course I am still grieving about the Jets !!!!!!!!—and really dont care much –but I will mildly root for the Colts —



    Hi–Talk about luck –Abolutely no snow on Lawn Gisland {Long Island }-:cool::cool:



    Wow Kim, that sure does sound like a dilemma!  But on the other hand, guess you'll be happy no matter who wins.  Even though I'm from NJ, I'm a big Peyton Manning fan too, so I'll be rooting for the Colts.  But I won't cry if the Saints win, they've been losing so many years, it would be nice to see them win too!  Should be a good game.  And there's something to be said about having the Super Bowl in the South – look at this snow!  Unbelievable!  I'm jealous of you all in the South!


    Too funny, Kim! 

    I'm still licking my wounds from the Vikings/Saints game…Brett Favre is my favorite quarterback, and Peyton Manning is a close 2nd.  The Saints are a cinderella story, especially considering all that has happened in New Orleans but, I have to give it to the Colts–Manning is WAY too smart, and will figure out whatever they throw his way very quickly.  I really don't care much either way but, if I was a betting woman, I would say the Colts will win the Superbowl.:D

    Richie–I'm grieving about the Jet's loss as well.  My dream Superbowl matchup would have been the Jets and the Vikings…



    All I can say is…GO SAINTS!!


    Linda, your date from hell sounds like a good argument to just stay married. :roll-laugh:

    This game is weird because the two teams seem to like each other and there are just so  many Indiana/New Orleans connections.  Of course, Peyton is a New Orleans boy and his dad, Archie, was quarterback for the Saints.  Peyton and Eli both keep houses in New Orleans near Archie's and have been very generous to the city after Katrina.  The Saints quarterback was QB for Purdue (in Indiana) and their coach used to coach at an Indiana college and he and his wife have family in Indiana.

    It's funny because when the Colts were in the Super Bowl three years ago (and won) the following day many of the school bus drivers were too hung over to come to work which caused problems so this year they have just folded and are starting school at a later time. :roll-laugh:

    Whatever the outcome it should be entertaining.


    p.s. Richie, we're shoveling snow here, but it wasn't as bad as predicted.


    Yikes, hung over bus drivers! No thanks, I think I'd rather just drive my children to school!


    A good percentage of the parents could be hung over too. :roll-laugh:

    I've heard New Orleans was planning on canceling school all together, but don't know if that's their final decision.

    It's nuts!


    I sure don't understand the enthusiasm, Maybe the beer helps.

    I mean You have all these big guys padded to the eyebrows beating the piss out of each other over a piece of pig skin. And what do they do when they get it. They run down to the other end of the field and throw it on the ground and dance like they need to pee bad. Maybe that's why they are in a hurry to throw it away. And when they win cause they threw it away more times and danced more than the other guys. What do they do? They open the wine and pour it all over themselves. A bunch of hot sticky guys looking like they can't find the beer. I guess if you drink enough beer it makes sense. And all that shouting. Is it cause the guy with the pig is gonna throw it away again.

    Just kidding, enjoy your game.


    My sister has called several times today from N.O. with a certain amount of smack talking.  She said that so many people that left the city after Katrina have come back to watch the game and now the city is seriously worried about running out of beer. 😯 I told her, “no worries, Indy could spot them some when WE SWITCH TO CHAMPAGNE!”

    All in good fun.

    “Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?  Who dat?  Who dat?

    Eva Holloway


    your team won, I didn't choose sides since I am not a large football fan:blush:. I listen to it a little, and my husband told me what's going on. He likes football.

    Take care,


    Eva Holloway

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