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    World I can not use tetracyclines becuase of allergy issues. Flagyl I do not know. But last time chlarityromisin is somehow lessens my symptoms. So I will give a shot. It is a step too. Prednisone I have never used. However I do not want to to use it unless a severe pain occurred with heat and swelling in the joints.

    Reactive Arthritis+ tachycardia+ prostatitis. 2015 till now. Just a short remission 4 months.
    NAC, vit e, krill oil, vit b 1000 mcg daily, vit d 2000 iu daily and quercetin 500 mg twice a day.


    Worldofme, I think you are a fake.


    Lemons, get a life. Go through my history and be judge of it then. I just didn’t start coming here, I have been coming here for last 3 years and if you read my original thread you will see the same complain and symptoms I have now I had three months ago.


    Three years ago. Ask me about ReA and I will tell you anything. I’m so educated in this subject that last time I saw my ID doctor he was telling me about his recent patient who had reactive arthritis…even my id well known at Albert Einstein hospital says hes only seen handful of ReA mostly cause of stomach bug.

    ReA after urethritis is very rare
    Don’t believe me just read med help Dr hhhh or dr. Hook few thread.



    Read that. Fact is most doctors don’t have time to study / research new disease and this article will explain persistent cell deficit bacteria as cause of chronic ReA.


    In the UK, you would be described as a sad and lonely person.


    You don’t have reactive arthritis spondylitis to know how painful this condition is.

    Of course your lonely, depress and sad if you have this disease.

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    Hi There Eagle,

    In my vast personal research in the area, there are many ways to cure but some not all work for everyone. For myself, the flare up almost always is followed by a stressful situation. I am still working on the total eradication, but one thing that most definitely helped me was reducing stress and working on spiritual and medication. One major turn around I had was 5months ago, which I participated in an “Amazonian” emotional processing seminar, which I was able to release a lot of built up guilt and stress… I was cured from one area of my body completely with no relapse after this, however still have other infected areas.

    As far as supplements go I would highly recommend.
    –Krill Oil
    –Vitamin D3 (higher dosage than a normal person)
    And to help with the Herxing effect also NAC.

    There are many other possibly beneficial supplements, but I have found these to be the best.

    Other help I have found is:
    –Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – Table Spoon morning and night.
    –Mix of coconut oil, aloe vera gel together with essential oils – Frankincense and oregano and applied liberally to the infected joints. This will help also kill the Mycoplasma and reduce inflammation.

    On the bright side, the life style change has forced me to look at spiritual and emotional development – which has transformed my life in positive other areas – so for this I am thankful and possibly would not have gone down this path so heavily without the issue to begin with.


    Reactive Arthritis, since June 2015.
    Current Meds: Been on Minocin 200mg daily since November 2016, now on M/W/F 200mg AP.

    Supplements Daily: 2 caps Krill Oil, 20mg Astaxanthin, 10IU Vitamin D3, 1g NAC, 24mg of boron a day.

    Alternative: Periodic use of home made collodial silver 150ml daily. TCM herbs to target infection, heat and inflammation. Acupuncture to relieve pressure and release heat. 2tbs of organic coconut oil. Oral form of essential oils frankincense and oregano. Topical form of e



    That is a good read with anyone with ReA. Please read section of ReA.

    This is direct quote ”

    I hypothesise a genetically prone individual, whose immune system renders one unable to clear an infective organism adequately. Once exposed to the body’s immune system, the macrophages identify the organism as foreign to the body and internalise the organism by a process called phagocytosis. The macrophage processes the organism with enzymes and displays particles of the organism on the cell surface – enabling the T lymphocytes to recognize these particles and hence – resulting in the cascade of immune events that follow. Usually, the original organism is obliterated, but perhaps the continued display of antigen at the cell surface, or perhaps re-exposure by reinfection, can result in the reactivation of the immune response. Each reinfection leaves a population of “memory” T cells, that magnify the responses. Perpetuation of the response may also occur as a result of persistent hidden infection, possibly within the macrophages, by as yet unidentified organisms. The organism may be INTRACELLULAR within the macrophages and hence shielded from most of the bodies defence mechanisms, and thus never cleared. ”

    This could explain why many of us have chronic ReA persistent infectious.

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