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    Some years ago now, articles were shared here regarding a neuro-researcher on Long Island at the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research, Dr. Kevin Tracey. He’s been conducting research on vagus nerve stimulation with an implantable device in the neck that is activated by waving a wand over the neck to send messages to the brain stem and along the length of the vagus nerve to the spleen. These nerve impulses then instruct this gland to produce anti-inflammatory chemicals. Tracey’s multi-center research evolved into a “proof of concept” study published in March in The Lancet Rheumatology (link to study in news article below) in Spain, trialing the device on rheumatoid arthritis patients with intractable RA. Their success in reducing inflammatory markers in these patients is pretty remarkable. Now, instead of an implanted device, earbuds have been devised to do the same job.

    Hope you all find this research hopeful and interesting.

    A new crop of medical devices are trying to hack the vagus nerve to treat disease


    Wouldn’t this be amazing!!! Sign me up!!

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