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    Quoted from Linda:

    Posted by linda on Sat – Feb 16 – 09:21am:

    To our spammers:

    “We Do Not Like Your Posts and Spam”
    by linda

    We do not like your posts and spam,
    We do not like them on our RAM.
    We do no like them on our screens,
    In fact we think they're downright mean.
    We do not like them on our board,
    We wish that you would send no more.
    You take up space with all your greed,
    That should be used for those in need.
    Our mighty bboard volunteers,
    Are working hard, so your end nears.
    Just give up and go away,
    You'll get no sales here anyway.
    You could go to Hawai'i,
    They love Spam there, tho canned it be.
    So keep your spam away from here,
    When you are gone, we all will cheer!

    This is my idea of anger management. Feel free to vent and add your own stanzas! Stop that rhyming, I meean it! Does anybody have a peanut?

    John McDonald

    Let me break some ice here. I am very happy to see some new BB software with spam protection. This particular BB software has a lot of features that offer some fun venues for future growth. For example in the future we can have a separate area for personal threads in which we can chart our progress or problems. That would give newbies a better sense of how this protocol works over the long haul. I had something to do with bringing this software online. I rush in whenever I see crowds of angels milling about outside so there may be serious technical issues here. If so, my bad and you can let me have it right here in this forum. Learn. Heal. Have fun.



    Thanks for all your caring work John it is much appreciated.  Thanks to all the other RBF  volunteers as well. It is going to be an excellent board which will help many.

    Thanks again,



    Hats off to you folks for a fabulous job —being technically challenged -I should figure out how to work the board within a few years



    Nice job guys – thanks


    Love the poetry, the new board and knowing that it will be secure!  Great job

    to all those that are so gifted in putting it all together.  Way to go!



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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