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    Hi All,
    I have SD and have been on AP for 21 months. Doing great but nothing seems to hit the last little bit of symptoms–the tightness and raynaud’s in my hands, and bit of tightness in my neck and sides of my face. I have been doing Clindy IV”s since March–lots of them –some improvement but not what I had hoped for. I was reading the lit on silver increasing effectiveness of antibiotics and asked my doc if I could try it. Within two weeks I would say the improvement was dramatic. It is not too expensive. Admittedly I am sure this is a combo effect with the AP, IV and silver but it seems to be very helpful so I thought I would let you know. It is Argentyn 23 Silver Hydrosol by Soverign Silver (not supposed to turn you blue lol) 1/4 tsp 3 x per day is what he prescribed for me. I got the little pump bottle and spray it under my tongue.
    have a great day

    Systemic Scleroderma since 2010. Lyme and Myco P. AP and many other antibiotics and treatments since Nov. 2011. Presently mostly in remission other than fatigue.
    Teva Minocycline 100mg a day. Dessicated tyroid, LDN 4.5, LDI, hawthorne, curcurmin, berberine,, caprylex, reishi mushroom, liver protect, zinc,, fish oils, magnesium, vit K2, d3, bcomp, E, C


    Kate, this is wonderful news!!! 😀 😎 🙂 I’m so happy! I hope this addition is all you need to go to remission.
    Go girl go!!!! 😀 😀

    Out of curiosity: how do you translate 1/4 tsp into sprays?

    I asked my LLMD about silver about 2 years ago and he said it is excellent and that I could add it to my protocol if I wanted.
    I was already taking more than my body could handle, so I bought it and had it handy but did not use it daily. I used it for thrush, for a sore throat and whenever I caught a cold. Whenever some suspicious activity was happening inside my sinuses, I would spray it into my nose. I even sprayed it into my ears when there was pain and itching inside ear canal. It never produced any violent reaction for me, the positive results were almost immediate and I felt better every time I took it.
    The brand my LLMD recommended was ACS200 Ultra Strength. The maximum amount of drops was 15 and one had to build up to it starting with 3 sprays.
    Once my body gets used to my present protocol, I’d like to add it. But even if I don’t, I will make sure I always have silver around. It is one of the most precious finds!
    Speedy and complete recovery to you,


    Argentyn 23 Silver. This is the brand my NP also likes & my Holistic dentist. It sometimes takes a combo of things to make the AP work better.

    Glad to hear this. Thanks for sharing.



    Kater- take a look at some info I posted today 8/8 under Lyme & Rheumatic – it talks about CS & specific bra_ds which does what some suggest they work more for viruses & others are better for bacterial infections
    best – Jill



    This is something I’ve never heard of. Is it safe to use in conjunction with Mino/RA? Will it cause a flare? I’m in the middle of a severe flare right now, that’s why I’m asking. Don’t want to do anything to potentially make it worse.

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