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    susan bee

    Hi all. I am 33 years old, and have had RA symptoms since I was in my early 20s. In the past year my symptoms have gotten intolerable, and I was also diagnosed with palindromic rheumatism, where I experience bi-weekly painful flare-ups on certain joints. I am a chef and had to quit my job as I simply am not able to physically perform.

    I have been so inspired by the stories on this website with the possibility that I might be able to heal myself without taking methotrexate and prednisone. I have been able to work with my PCP on attaining oral clindamycin and minocycline (was not able to get IV clindy) and am excited to begin.

    My question for those of you who can help: I’m reading such different reports on how to begin clindy + mino, regarding dosage and timing. Should I try to imitate the IV clindy as much as possible by taking 5 days of oral clindy as such? For example, the first two days, take 300 mg, the next two days 600 mg, and the final day 900 mg? Or should I do 1200 mg all at once, say on Monday, wait until the week is over, and then begin mino? I’m also curious about beginning mino and if everyone agrees that beginning with a low pulsed dose, 100 mg M-W-F, is best?

    Thanks so much in advance for your help!



    With the clindy, I believe the ramping is done in order to keep the person from herxing to an intolerable degree. It seems like a smart way to do it especially if you’ve had RA for a long time already (seems like you might herx).

    With oral clindy, I’m always seeing in posts that it is really really hard on the stomach so I can’t imagine that ingesting 1200mg would be very tolerable. But let hope someone with more experience with doing the oral clindy chimes in.

    SD or MCTD with SD overlap. bartonella.
    minocycline 100mg BID, Naturethroid 32.5 mg daily, Azithromycin 250mg BID
    Fish oil, NAC, bovine colostrum, digestive enzymes, sublingual b12, Iodine, Monolaurin, L-glutamine

    Lynne G.SD

    Hi Sue;
    I did both IV and oral and found oral worked just as well and I did the dosage the same way as you are contemplating.It can be hard on the stomach so take it with a meal to avoid that problem.I just hated the metalic taste in my mouth but that happened with the IV just the same.


    Hi Susan,

    Nice to meet you, but sorry to hear about the RA. You’re in good company here.

    If you click on Resources above, then select the Pulsed Protocol packet, then scroll down to the section, “Beginning the Therapy,” you will find info on taking oral clindy, as follows:

    “Oral Clindamycin – Some physicians have had success using clindamycin orally (i.e. 1200 mg.) in a single weekly dose instead of in IV or IM.”

    The reason for one-day dosing is, because as mentioned above, it is hard on the gut. So, instead of doing a 5-day IV series every 6 months or so, folks do one day of oral clindamycin every week as a booster to minocycline therapy. Some folks will also split the dose so that 600mg is taken Monday AM and 600mg on same day in the PM. One just needs to be very diligent about taking enough good quality probiotics to maintain gut health.

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    Current Supps: Curcumin, Bovine Colostrum, ALA. NAC, Milk Thistle, Super Liquid Folate/B12/B-Complex, Probiotics, Vit D3
    Supportive Measures: IV Myer's Cocktails, IV Glutathione, FIR Sauna, Gluten-free diet, Gym.

    susan bee

    Thanks to all for the replies! So appreciated.

    A few days before beginning my treatment I discovered that my ASO or streptococcus levels were high above the reference range. After lots of research I decided to take 250 mg of ampicillin (penicillin) in the evenings, and 600 mg of oral clindy in the mornings, to fight this bacterial strain before I begin minocycline. I am not sure exactly how long I should follow this protocol, but I’m guessing 10-14 days. I am currently on day 8, and all of a sudden starting to feel some herxing. Hoping it is a good sign that the medication is working.

    Mostly looking for some confirmation that this plan seems sound? Thanks again..

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