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    Mi name is Pierluigi I am italian and leave in Florence and I am a medical doctor (excuse me for the bad english).
    Here I attempt to resume the story of my Daughter Francesca (42 years) with scleroderma
    In the past Francesca suffered not for important illness (only typical infections of infancy)
    Two maternity: Livia (7years) and Diego (4 years). Now we discovered that Diego and Livia suffer of celiac disease
    She lives in country and twice was bite from ticks, but no signs of Lyme, no pain, no problem with joints.
    More or less 2 years ago Francesca manifest soft anaesthesia on end nose, skin of face and extremity of finger. Neurologist : TAC and provocation tests= both negatives
    These signs was not lasting. Some time manifested also Reynaud’s-phenomenon and swelling with cyanosis and little wound on fingers.
    In may 2014 blood test for autoantibody results: atb anti ANA 1:160, anti SSA/RO 1,5 (norm. inf. 1), anti SSA/52 KDA 1,5 (norm. inf. 1),
    Total Ig G 1680 (norm. 1600)
    30 10 2014 repeat blood-examen results: VES 32 (norm. 2-15), Atb. anti Ro 52 POS +++, Atb. ANA 1:320, for gluten Atb anti DGP-AGA IgG 11,3 (norm. inf. 10)
    I decided to try with nutrition: paleo-diet for autoimmunity (from end November 2014)
    Visit by Immunology service
    New blood-examens are requested: scleroderma panel etc.
    Ana: 1.320 VES 39
    photoplethysmography is positive, respiratory test are normal, cardiac ecography is normal, thorax Rx is normal.
    After a month Reynaud’s was almost disappeared but swelling with cyanosis and little wound on fingers was persistent so I decided to adhere to AP protocol
    I initiate with minocin but very cagily: first week 50 mg per day, second week 50 mg x 2 till 100 + 100 every day.
    She is now taking (from 2 months) also glutathione and minocin 100 + 100 3 time a week
    Actual context is that she is silent (not any sign).
    Thank Maz, Lynne, Dr.S., Kelly, Dr.G. …and “roadback” for help me and mi daughter to recover the hope in a normal life.

    RBFV Edit to remove AP Doctors’ full names as per forum policy to protect doctor privacy. Thank you for understanding! 🙂

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