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    Hello Friends,

    It was not surprising over a period of a year or more that I lost weight, when I was not able to absorb nutrients and food ran right through me. The causes for the sudden onset of IBS were (thankfully!) discovered. Longterm existing problems were learned about that can trigger the reactions I had — thanks to the miracle of the Internet and searches. Hopefully, these have been corrected!

    However, reality is that I’m left looking like a “bag of bones.” (That’s the bad news…) The good news is that my appetite has come back with a vengeance after corrective procedures were done …. causing me to “temporarily” think it was just a matter of time until I would gain back at least some of the lost pounds.

    Then a reality check came when I read something I’d read before (but at a time when it didn’t seem to apply to my own condition).

    Sarcopenia can be a problem for all of us — woman or man — under certain conditions. Believing “an ounce of prevention [knowledge] is worth a pound of cure,” I decided to give “Sarcopenia” a topic of its own here, so all of us can learn or share on this subject.

    Note: Am pasting an excerpt from a post from last November 2013 (under a previous topic) which included a Sarcopenia link by LEF… which I felt would possibly add to this topic. Copied from November 2013 post that included Sarcopenia link:

    Apparently the ImmunoPro had been handling whatever the low D could not. Even though I took the 5,000 D-3 for less than a week, it set off a firestorm, and things (though eventually settled down somewhat) still are not good. I feel I must find a way to turn this around, as my food seems to pass through and exit as diarrhea, which means to me my body is not able to absorb needed vitamins and minerals. Won’t repeat the rest of the problems, mentioned previously, but my body has definitely lost muscle mass since March 2013. Neither of my two physicians had any answers to this problem. I believe I may have found it today in the link I shared. I do plan to explore and contact those involved in this research. Plus, if anyone else is experiencing “Sarcopenia”, a new word in my vocabulary [just what I needed, huh???]. Do a search for “LE Magazine January 2007 Report, Preventing Sarcopenia” Hope you don’t need this information, but guess when I consider the alternative, “Here I go again… another adventure in learning!” Just did it:
    http://www.lef.org/magazine/mag2007/jan … cle_01.htm

    This is the recent link which caught my attention. And, I’m definitely believing I need to pursue information on this subject “with a vengeance” to turn this condition around. Sounds like it will be challenging — and something I need to make a commitment to do. I had always been a walker until the past couple of years, so hoping if I incorporate a return to walking… and add the recommended other exercise, results will be seen.

    Sarcopenia Treatment with Supplements

    There is hope, however. Amino acids, the molecular

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