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    Michelle, I am so saddened to hear this news. For today and all the days to come, wishing you strength and peace.


    Bonnie Lou
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    To say I’m sorry to hear of your loss just doesn’t seem to be enough. Such a enormous loss. Hugs to you.



    Oh Michelle.

    I’ve been off the board this last week. Just read Kim’s post. My heart is broken for you and your father.

    I lost my dad two years ago and there isn’t a day that passes when he doesn’t come into my thoughts and prayers. I will pray for your mother too, and for all of you.

    Your mother must have been so proud of you, so grateful for you. As a mother I can tell you that my kids are the absolute light of my life – my biggest reason for being, and for fighting to stick around – and I’m sure you were all of that for your mom. She was blessed to have such a loving, caring, committed daughter and it is obvious that the two of you loved (and continue to love) each other so much.

    I’m so very sorry for your loss.



    Oh I’m so sorry for your loss – what a daughter you have been and what a feeling to know that your mom knew how you felt about her. You are in my prayers and I’m hoping each day you get stronger and just know your mom is always with you.


    Michelle, my prayers are with you. I could always tell, just by looking at your picture, the two of you had a special bond.

    Be good to yourself as you grieve. I can tell you from firsthand experience, memories and leaning on God will get you through.

    Big hugs

    judy cash

    My heart sank, when I read the news of your mothers passing. I’m sorry this is so late, I have not been here for a while…
    I can easily remember the passing of my own dear mother, in 2002. My thought and prayers are with you and your family.
    Love and HUGS,


    Dear Michelle,
    I am so sorry for your loss. You cared for her so well and loved her so much, and she knew it. I will pray for your mother, you and your family during this hard time. Our Lord will never leave you, lean on Him.

    Patti D


    So sorry to have tuned in for the first time since March to find your Mom has gone home. I am so sorry for you & your family. Please know that your wonderful posts were not only an inspiration to us all but were in fact a shining example of how Love can get us through the most difficult times. Your strength and positive attitude helped me so much.

    I still hold on to a funny post of you & your Mom with her mino tan:) It made me look at my skin discoloration in such a different light and made me think if you both can look at this ‘blessing”, so can I.

    Many prayers for you girl & your Mom. God is sure smiling on all the good you both did for a whole group of hurting people. Please keep us informed on how things are going.
    much love:) Patti

    Rosey UK

    Dear Michelle,
    So very very sorry.
    Always remember, your Mum had the best person with her to love and support her throughout all of this.

    God Bless!

    Rosemary xx


    Michelle, please accept my deepest, heartfelt condolences for the loss of your beautiful Mom. She was one of the “angels in the background” here on the forum and we were all blessed to get to know her amazing spirit through your tireless ever-loving advocacy – you never ceased being her earth angel.

    I will always feel changed and touched by the love between you both – thank you for sharing your Mom – your heart- with us here. My heart goes out to you in your loss and sending healing blessings to you.


    I want you all to know how much your words and prayers mean to me and my family. I am truly touched and will forever hold you all in my personal thoughts and prayers! NEVER GIVE UP! FIGHT LIKE HELL! My mom did. Love you!


    Dear Michele,
    I’m so very, very sorry about your sweet Mom’s passing.
    I’ve been reading your posts for close to 2 years now (long before I joined the forum) and your Mom has been a great inspiration to me. Thank you so very much for sharing her journey with us. Like all here, I became her cheer leader from the moment I “met” her. Your wonderful bond with your Mom repeatedly touched my heart and soon you both felt like very close friends. I will always cherish both of you.

    I’ve been doing prayers for your Mom and your family for a few days now and I will keep doing them. But my impression is that she does not need them any more: each time I pray for her, a great sweetness, love and peace descend on me and I can see her in my mind’s eye as smiling and peaceful and at that moment the prayers just dissolve, meaning: they feel completed.

    Rainbows often come after heavy rains. I hope and pray that in time your heart will be consoled and lovely things will open up. You will always be enveloped within your mom’s loving light and I hope you know that you have more friends here than you’ve noticed. I’m sure that lots of unregistered ones, or the ones that never post, would agree with me….
    Much love to you, Krys

    Eva Holloway

    I am finally able to get back on RBF and I read that your mom has passed away. I am so sorry about your loss. A mom can never be replaced I know. You have worked so hard to make her live more comfortable and you need a star in your crown for that.
    My regards to you and your family,

    Eva Holloway

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