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    After months in complete denial, my Rheumatoid Arthritis was diagnosed in June 05.

    My PCP referred me to the Chief of Rheumatology of the medical center.  I felt so fortunate to have been sent to this doctor because he said, with great conviction, “I can cure this!” and I believed him.

    I was prescibed Methotrexate and told to return in eight weeks to the Rheumatologist.  I was given just enough Methotrexate to carry me for the eight weeks so I never missed my appointments.  I developed a terrible, bone shaking cough, that the doctor said was not caused by MTX.  Clearly it was, since coughing is a side affect.  Each time I saw the Rheumatologist he would up the dosage of the Methotrexate until finally he added Remicade as well.  As the weeks passed my condition just became worse.  The Rheumatologist told me that I had a very high rate of disease.  

    My hands were almost useless, my wrist very weak and I had great difficulty walking.  I couldn't function in the kitchen without my husband by my side to open jars, cans and get things out of the refrigerator that had now become too heavy for me to pick up.  I think the worst day was the day that I tried, in vain, to start my car (I'm stubborn, so no less than 25 attempts).  My wrists and hands had lost all strength.  In tears, I went back upstairs to get my husband to start the car, realizing that once I got to my destination I would have the same problem.  Now, I knew, I was totally dependent.

    About  this time I found the RoadBack Foundation and learned of Henry Scammell's book and Dr. Brown.  After reading the book I asked the Rheumatologist if he would prescribe the AP suggested by Dr. Brown.  He told me that antibiotic protocol didn't work, had been disproved and insisted that the hospital had won many awards for their treatment of RA. I left, never returned and never filled the script for the Remicade.

    I acquired the name of my current AP physician from the Road Back Foundation in June 06 and began the Antibiotic Protocol of Minocin 200 mg. daily, once in the morning and again at night, in July.  At that time I was taking Methotrexate, 2.5 mg. each, 10 tablets taken all at once, one time weekly.  That dose was quickly reduced to 7 tablets weekly.  I now take one Methotrexate weekly and my Rheumatologist said that in July I will stop that. 

    As each month passed I saw a little improvement though a little became a lot, as the weeks passed, and today I can say I am nearly pain free.  The huge knobs that were so visible on my hands have almost completely disappeared.  I still take one Aleve morning and night but I hope that next week I can begin to wean myself off by taking 1/2 Aleve morning and night. 

    I can start my car again (WooHoo)!!  I am able to knit, sew and use my hands as I always had prior to RA.  I pick up my 5 year old grandson all the time now,  sit him on my kitchen counter and cover him in kisses which he loves.  I feel so fortunate to have learned of  Dr. Brown's Antibiotic Protocol.  It gave me my life back. 














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