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    Dr Maclean, appt. patients who are allergic to penicillin may be given erythromycin, 500 mg 4 times a day. . . . Low Dose Naltrexone . . . Liver enzymes/ tylenol . . . ASO blood test, strep titer, If the patient has an elevated ASO, DNAase B and/or a history of strepto-coccal infection, 250 mg. of ampicillin is prescribed to be taken once daily (preferably in the evenings and not at the same time as the tetracycline). This is continued until the ASO titre is negative after which the medicine is discontinued and the patient is monitored for recurrence. . . . .Igenex lyme testing

    Hi all, I just had to share what happened to me last night and am wondering if this is unusual or if anyone else has had this happen to them. It’s all good & I hope it continues!

    LDN update #1: WOW!!!!! I took my first 4.5 mg dose at around 10 pm. Went to bed at around 11:30. Did not fall truly asleep until 3:30 am. Got up at 7:30 am well rested & much less stiff. Still had to work out the cobwebs, but my limbs were fully cooperating What was amazing was, I was NOT expecting any changes until the day after, if any. Around 2 hours or midnight I felt something happening to my body. My pulse was stronger, I had to get up to pee & felt less tentative on my bare feet (which were always sensitive without protection of at least rubber soles of my flip flops.) I test drove myself down the stairs, again barefoot and found my balance was good & I was feeling no discomfort or stiffness going down & coming back up (I usually need to hold onto the rail & measure how my knees are taking each step down). No knee issues felt & again the soles of my feet felt OK. Upon return to bed, I kept thinking that difficulty sleeping in the first week is a typical side effect. Well, maybe I’ll crash later in the day (update to come). . I soon began to feel warmer, not needing the heavy comforter over me. I attempted to make fists, my right hand able to close most of way and lt a little better — both improvements in the middle of the night. I was able to push my pillows & comforter around with ease, even with my arms over & s/w behind my head (this was usually a struggle as I was so weak!)

    Now, I’m getting stuff done this early am hour. Will take my dog for a walk on the beach, too (usually I can’t do this in the am, since she’s such a big Berner & has a tendency to pull on my aching wrists with her leash).

    There is still some stiffness, but my joints seem to want to do more and without any of the aches, soreness. My level of alertness is right up there and such a nice surprise, especially upon waking. I’d only had about 4.5 hours of sleep, but I felt like I had a full 8.


    Just to follow up on my first day: I actually did a little running on the beach with my dog! I wasn’t afraid when she ran 90 mph back to me. She always runs just past me, barely missing me. My joints were not so tender and I was feeling stronger. Because my tone was less anxious, Sabrina, my Berner dog listened better. We were both much calmer.

    I was able to stay on my feet most of the day at my jewelry boutique. Did not feel at all like I was needing a nap. Good energy all day & into tonight!!! Did my stationary bike w/o a problem. I’m so excited to have LDN in my life and look forward to letting my Rheumy, Dr. M. know how much it is helping me. He seems very interested to know about it and made sure I scheduled a follow up appt in a month.

    Today was my Minocycline day, so I’ll do the FIR sauna tonight.


    Day 3 LDN update: well, I herxed most of day yesterday. Still felt stronger in that I was able to pick things up ie my ton of bricks purse and walked around with a bit more ease. The herxing was in all my limbs. Biofreeze helped alot & latelr did Mg w/ Lawang oil. I had done the FIR sauna in the am since I was so tired the night before. But still felt the herxing! Maybe LDN promotes that????

    Slept so well on my third night. Am truly feeling like my quality of sleep will stay improved — I hope!


    LDN updates: see my LDN post!

    Food & Exercise journal begin here:
    am no no = 1 demitasse espresso w/ agave syrup after 8 oz purified water

    Monday: 1st PT pilates appt.
    Tuesday: day 3 of green smoothies & lemon OO drink. Started green smoothies but had tomato juice in it πŸ™ Lots of stretching.
    Wednesday PM: dancersized to 4 songs even though felt ugh during Thkgiving leftover dinner.
    Thursday: stiff all day. Nightshades in smoothie, etc? Shopped for gluten free & organic veggies . . . .In pm: for no no’s had 1 glass rose, some twice baked potatoe souffle & pistachio icecream. I felt lt hand pain, stiffness & numbness soon after dinner. ??? potato rx????
    Friday: First time today: No nightshades. No glutens AMAP (as much as poss.)


    Continuing to adhere to gluten free & veggie shake, no dairy diet as much as possible. I felt not good when I had a prime rib at a diner over the weekend. I feel improvement overall & a better appetite on this new regimen.

    ****12/4/12 Changed from Minocycline 100 mg QOD to Doxycline 100 mg BID QOD. Mino works well, but had caused skin discoloration. So we shall see****


    After a 2 day wash out from Mino and one day on Doxy 100 mg bid, I notice the darkened areas on fingers & face lightening considerably πŸ™‚ so far so good. Feeling better on the Doxy, too. I know it’s early but feel he difference!


    Update: All lab work remains normal! After two weeks Pilates, Ive built up strength to get up & down from my mat without difficulty! Also using the “ring of pain” & loving that!

    Weight ranges from 106 – 112. Ideal = 118. I get full too quickly. Reducing glutens is not helping with the appetite, either πŸ™„


    Have regressed back to naughty diet, since I lost too much weight on the gluten & dairy free diet. Avoiding Margheritas & the like since I tend to feel terrible next day.

    Feeling increased stiffness & pain on Doxy 100 mg BID, so will decrease it to 100 mg QOD, since it’s supposed to be equivalent to the Minocycline.

    Holiday season has me working straight out filling custom jewelry orders & selling at my boutique, so am a bit stressed, though excited by the many customers that seek my work!


    OK, 5 days on Doxy 100 mg QOD & I feel pain coming on sooner, so will try QD beginning today. Still need Motrin 400 mg q 6 & Mg q 4.


    Food update: since too much weight loss on gluten, dairy free diet. . .
    last night’s meal: w/ lots of bread, glass of Pinoir Noir, steamers
    today: feeling typical am stiffness, able to be worked out w/ movement. Otherwise not feeling any pain, herxing πŸ˜€ I do think it helps to drink lots of purified water all day long! I also MUST stay on my Mg q4 & Motrin q 6. Will see how day progresses.


    O, wow! I was able to go 17 hrs without Motrin or Magnesium. I discovered that I have been sleeping over a geopathic stress area. My housekeeper knew of my RA & offered to dowse my bedroom. After his findings, I also confirmed with my own dowsing. My husband is very healthy & his side of the bed is free of GS.

    When I dowsed my store, I realized that I had been sitting in an area of GS for four years prior to moving to an area I sit in now. Fortunately that area is free of GS.

    We experimented last night with me sleeping on his side of the bed & him sleeping in his office where I confirmed that it was free of GS.

    I still woke up with some need to work out arm stiffness My legs were fine. I was able to go quickly down the stairs. I was fairly limber most of the day. I trialed an elliptical machine at Sports Authority 12 hours after previous Motrin/ Mag dose. I continued to be limber.

    I’m anxious to see my immune system strengthen with each night of no GS! I will post this finding to the forum after more time has passed to see what changes continue to unfold for me.


    2nd night sleeping in a Geopathic Stress free area found me herxing big time. It was as if my immune system was recovering enough to put up a good fight. I have read that one should expect this to happen especially at the start of sleeping away from a GS area. 3rd night also found me waking hourly to pee as I had done the stupid thing and drank lots of water before bedtime. But the day was same as before finding myself with really good energy & slowly improving strength. I did have to increase the frequency of Motrin, but not as much as before the GS discovery. And only because of the increased herxing. Am able to go from q6 to q8 hrs of Motrin.

    I’ve done lots of online research & found the Schumann Generator products that claim to be permanent solutions such as the “ultimate geomancy harmonizer” which will harmonize ALL grid lines and geopathic stress from your home or office at the flick of a switch! I’ll share this site for those who want to begin their own research:


    I’ll report how these products work once I’ve received & given them a proper trial. I’ve ordered the other Schumann products for the car, the personal pendant and a buddha S. Generator.

    I had been at wits end trying to ascertain how to rid my home & store of GS until I found this site. So I’m excited that there looks to be permanent whole building as well as personal space solutions. I’ll share my findings on the forum I hope soon!


    Update: I’m still waiting for my geopathic stress remedy package (orgone geoclense et al). Have been using some copper rods that apparently have the ability to shield from GS. I did a before and after dowsing of the bedroom where I sleep and discovered this to be true. But I want the entire house to be free of GS, thus I await the geoclense with baited breath

    In the meantime I received the Basic Zapper which I’d read about recently from variously websites as being able to kill parasites by sending negative ions through the skin and into the bloodstream. Since parasites are positive ion critters, they cannot survive the negative or alkalinizing ions and subsequently die off.

    The unit I have was reasonably priced at $36 & can be worn all the time, the more the better. What I noted was that where I’d gone back to needing Motrin q7 recently; after wearing the zapper overnite & continuously, I was able to go without Motrin for 23 hours. I awoke with fairly limber legs, which is very different. My arms did need some time to loosen up and experienced some mild herxing throughout the day. I still require the Magnesium q 4 hrs though at 250 mg.

    I was able to do full range of motion movement which had eluded me for 3 years — deep knee lunges, mimic a full tennis serve swing, dancing getting low to the ground without a hitch.

    Conclusion: I feel I’m giving those critters responsible for my RA a real run for the money with AP & a variety of adjunctive/ immune system boosting/ reviving tools + additional bang-for-the-buck-shoot-em-up remedies such as the zapper. Can’t wait to share all this in forum when I feel the positive trajectory I’m on now is permanent & one that can be of benefit for others to research and perhaps put into practice.


    I received my geopathic stress relief tools in the mail on the 19th. Did a dowsing for GS before & after plugging in the orgone geoclense. Well, it’s crazy I know, but the GS that was in every room is now gone! I have a car lighter plug in for the car & a buddha schumann generator for the boutique. I wore the harmonizer pendant first time last night & had more restfull sleep than I can remember. Instead of getting up to pee q2 hrs, I was up only once!

    Day four of using the basic zapper 24/7. Here’s what has happened to me:

    Lots of itching from die off, so I’ve been doing dry brushing all over.
    Swelling in ankles is completely down. Bone spurs in ankles almost all gone.
    Legs much more limber & getting better every day. No longer needing Mg gel or any other ointment there
    Excema in fingers almost all gone.
    Discoloration in fingers almost all clear.
    Uneven skin tone in face clearing quickly. No new acne & facial skin is healing quickly.
    Sleeping very well & experiencing vivid dreams for the first time in a long time.
    Motrin down to once a day, except when I herxed post last Doxy dose.

    Arms & fingers are still slightly aching, stiff, but also improved.

    I had not been able to think of doing a grocery (walking, lifting all too difficult) for a long time. Last night, I did a big grocery after a full day at the boutique, planned several meals, brought in all groceries and cooked a meal.

    I’m feeling like I’ll be able to play tennis again πŸ˜€ !

    I’m going to do a trial without the Doxycycline to see what happens. I may be sorry, but need to know if the zapper is doing enough of the killing of the bad guys. I also had a HUGE herx after my last Doxy dose that was something I’d like to avoid.


    Day 5 of 24/7 zapping (I use two basic zappers at same time). First night I tried it my heart when into tachycardia so I stopped it immediately. Next day I tried it again w/o issue. I think there were bugs in my heart that were responding to zapping.

    I’m gaining strength. It doesn’t hurt so much to put on clothes. Pulling up leggings was a struggle 2 days ago. Today I did it & realized it was not painful at all. So arms are stronger. Did a grocery again & carried a very heavy bag in. Hubby was surprised to see this as he tried to take it away from me. Instead I lifted it up above my elbow with no difficulty. Wow!

    Installed the Schumann Generator Buddha in my boutique today & used the schumann car generator for second day. Definitely feeling a tremendous difference in my energy level. It’s really good the entire day & into the evening, since my home is fully protected, too.

    Arranged my storefront window & made several jewelry pieces today. Getting so much done. The store felt better as did my ride to & from work 40 minutes each way.

    No need for Mg/ lawang gel first time today. Large joints 80% improved from being stiff after any amt of being still. Fingers still stiff. Grip is a bit better. I think my hands have suffered the most of all my joints & ankles second. Elbows are 60% improved. Yesterday my left elbow was locking up, today no issues, just some muscle soreness on inner arms, left more than right.

    Appetite is back! Husband is no longer trying to force things on me. I had a Margherita yesterday (very strong tequila from a bar) & it did not have the same effect it had a month ago. I felt great last night & today πŸ˜†

    No Herxing at all today! Walking is easy. Stairs not an issue. Doing Elliptical daily. Still need Mg Oxide about q 4 hrs & Motrin q 12. I see the Motrin frequency going down soon.


    Day 8 of using 2 zappers: OK, yesterday went to fill the gas tank & people must have thought I was crazy when seeing me literally bound out of my car & run to & from filling the tank. I had that much energy, NO pain, NO stiffness. I’m celebrating lots of firsts like a newborn might each time I do a task that was difficult before the zappers & now prove to be something I can do without thinking about my every joint!

    Still off the Doxy, have stopped the probiotics. Definitely continuing the LDN & mega C, B12, Mg, & other supplements.

    Last night did have some herxing in my forearms & fingers. But my legs are 75% back to normal! My shoulders, which used to be an issue w/ pain & stiffness are 90% healed πŸ˜€ Elbow nodules are much less knobby, definitely smoothing out slowly. Excema in fingers all GONE.

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