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    Feb 21, 2014, First appt with Rheumy prescribed Medrol 3 times a day 4mg I was in horrible pain and was having difficulty dressing myself and washing my hair and driving my car.
    Feb 25, 2015 Diagnosed by Rheumy that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis/Scleroderma. I have copies of blood work.
    Feb, 2014: Medrol was reduced to twice a day for four months prescribed by Rheumy. Then my wrist started to hurt so bad that I thought it was broken and the Rheumy put me on the Medrol Pak which dispenses 6 pills in one day, then 5 the next, etc. By the 4th day, it was making me vomit. Stopped taking Medrol. Cortisone shorts on my shoulders helped a lot but when he administered cortisone shots on my wrist, it did nothing at all.
    July 11, 2014: Minocycline twice a day every day 100 mg Prescribed by my Primary Care doctor. Experiencing some depression and so many worries are going thru my mind.
    July 19, 2014: Still in terrible pain now traveling from my wrists up to my forearms on both hands.
    July 20, 2014: Exercised in the pool today. I felt good afterwards. I go in the pool every day weather permitting but during the summer months, we are in Hurricane Season so we get numerous thunderstorms so that interfers with my exercise routine.
    July 22, 2014: Experienced blurred vision for about 20 minutes this morning while reading my emails??? Glad it went away but I will mention it to my doctor during my next visit in August or earlier if it happens again.
    August 22, 2014 Intense pain left side of my back. My bottom teeth are turning gray. Profusely sweating around dinner time most nights
    August 26, 2014 My doctor’s appt. yesterday went well. It was my annual checkup. My doc said my blood work and EKG are great. He said too bad I have RA/Scleroderma because my other tests look so good. He wants to see me again in December to followup on the RA/Scleroderma. Oh, and I ordered the probiotic PB8 from Puritan. Thanks, Ritchie!

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