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    In mid 2010 I had severe arthritic symptoms (neck foot back arm etc), weight loss and foggy brain which was undiagnosed by many traditional docs until a Lyme disease doc reviewed my case and suggested Lyme as a possible cause. Western Blot was not clearly positive but symptoms and one quick treatment with minocycline that gave positive results suggested Lyme was a good place to start.

    After 9 months of treatment with different antibiotics in conjunction with natural antimicrobial meds, I gradually became symptom free. Working out in gym and steam room therapy helped in these latter weeks until I was completely free of symptoms and meds.

    I have been free of all but slight amounts of transient pain for over one year. My gut however is still in recovery and I will have indigestion at times despite prolonged use of probiotics and some immune building foods. Will be exploring more of the latter as my experience with probiotics has not been very positive. Yogurt, sauerkraut etc seem to give better results.

    Just thought I would share this as I found many similar stories by others that gave me encouragement when the disease had me bed ridden and very depressed. Also, if anyone has some thoughts on improving the digestive system in the aftermath of such hard drug treatment I would be grateful.

    Many thanks to the moderators who, volunteer time, do such a good job of answering us in a timely fashion with great advice. 🙂


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