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    For the better part of 2010 I had severe pain, weight loss and mind fog. After several months of hearing from an HMO doc “you have arthritis” and placed on prednisone etc, I finally found an MD ND who thought there was a high probability of Lyme. He placed me on the protocol of several abx and some natural abx.

    After about 9 months I had little or no pain and far less other symptoms. Since October of 2011 I have been off all meds (not even aspirin). I have a slight occurrence of very localize pain every few months which goes away after a day.

    I am very grateful for this Forum and all the assistance they provided while I was in that awful Limbo of not knowing what I had but intuitively knowing the initial diagnosis/treatment was not working for me.

    I wish you all well and commend the moderators for all the great work they do for those who suffer so much and struggle to find good care.



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