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    In Feb. 2005 I was DX with a stroke and 2 months later with Reiters Syndrome.  Big question now is which came first, the chicken or the egg?  A general conscences is that the inflamation from the recurring arthritis was to blame for the stroke, I was 40 at the time.  Its been 2 years and a year of that has been on methotrexate, prednisone, 800 mgs of ibuprofin, and Minocycline.  I am happy to have found the road back foundation. I went from severe flares that left my knees the size of footballs to minor flares with no additional swelling.  I am continually swollen to some degree with a constant sed rate of 35 or so.  My sed rate at the time of the stroke was 75 WOW!!!.    I am hopefull for the AP to work soon.  April will be a year.  I am on 100mg of mino twice a day seven days a week.  I am happy to be on AP and will be much happier when I am off the methotrexate. My rumy doesnt subscribe to the AP but luckily my family physician is more than willing to accomodiate me,  (we also go to church together). I am just glad that I am a school teacher and am able to sit when I need to.  I use to work in propane and just before this mess started I got my degree in teaching.

    Symptoms include swollen knees, painfully aching legs and anchles in the morning, difficulty walking or standing for long periods.  Range of motion in my knees is just enough to put my socks on, with pain.  I cannot bend my ankles side to side without severe pain which has resulted in a few falls. A rash on my hand and fingers is gone thanks to methotrexate. Ibuprofin is a miracle.  I take 800 mgs in the a.m. and the p.m. I know its alot but it works.   In other words, constant pain while standing or walking but not as bad as a year ago.  I am expecting a full cure. If anyone else is suffering from Reiters or just want to talk, I am here.

    Signalman – welcome to Road Back! Though sorry to hear you are still struggling. Your post has been left in the Personal History and Progress section of the Forum, in case you want to use it as the starting point to some journalling. However, it wont be able to generate any responses (it's for authors' journal notes only), so we have copied and reposted in the General Discussion area, where others can reply to you. RBFV  


    Hi signalman, and welcome to the Roadback forum, although it sounds like you've been an APer for a while.

    Have you considered Lyme testing with Igenex Labs?  Lyme can trigger any rheumatic disease and has a special affinity for knees.  If Lyme is at the root of your illness it requires a different protocol so would be worth checking into.  You can use the “search” and read previous posts on the best way to go about arranging this test if you're interested.

    Take care…..kim

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