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    Linda L

    I’ve described to someone today the symptoms I have like feeling hot, cold, shivers etc. That person has told me that it looks to her like symptoms of malaria /she had malaria when she was young/ A night before I had a fat dinner. then at night I couldn’t sleep turning from one side to the other and felt very, very hot, like 100 degree C. I felt that heat from outside and inside my body. I was covered with a quilt and it wasn’t hot in the room. All my joints, muscles, all body, everything was I an unbearable pain when I tried to move even one finger. I threw the quilt on the floor, drank a little bit of cold water and within seconds /2-3-4!/ all pain was gone. I couldn’t believe it. I slept like that all night and woke up at 6 am all stiff, cold and in a pain again.
    I wonder if anyone of you have had similar symptoms and what is it?
    I know that the medications we take for arthritis are very often same as for malaria, eg. Plaquenil.

    “Quinine is still used because it is the chemical basis of hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil), which is used for treating malaria and lupus.”
    Linda L.

    RA tried everything: Methotraxate, Arava, Humira. Pneumonia three times. Anemia. Very low iron. Hypothyroidism
    AP from April 2014 till August 2015. No luck.
    Current medications: Natural thyroid, Mobic, LDN, supplements incl. milk thistle, NAC, vitamins and minerals.
    MTHFR heterozygous

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