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    HI sorry your not well, however you will get better. Check out this site CPNHELP.org Iam going to ask my Dr to test me for this bug. Like you Iam going through severe depression and pain its very scary. I know what you mean about walking down the street and no one knows how you feel, actually I think its starting to show on me. We will get better, before I read your post I thought about going on regular treatment with those scary drugs, but maybe I”ll wait, but you need do what is good for you.
    I wish you the best and will say a prayer for you today.


    @tbird2340 wrote:

    I want to start doing coffee enema(s) but dunno what I need to get.. I know I need some certified organic coffee.. But what about the enema part? Are they like one use things or what?

    If you know what I should get (on Amazon, eBay, etc) I’d greatly appreciate it..

    Amazon is good. They sell both bags and buckets (reading customer’s reviews will help you decide which one you’d prefer).
    I got mine at Walmart. It is sold under the name: “Water Bottle Combination”, which makes it harder to find. If you choose Walmart, call first to confirm they have it.
    Most pharmacies only sell prefilled disposable ones. You do not want any of those.

    Organic coffee, purified water + enema bag or bucket are enough to start and benefit.
    You may eventually decide to add a binder (all listed earlier within this thread). Amazon sells Solgar’s Molybdenum (you’ll pay additional shipping) and so does Vitacost. Chlorella sold by amazon, vitacost, cheapest at swanson: 500mg 350 tabs for $13.99) or by pound for self encapsulating by mountainroseherbs, …etc.
    Lynnie’s link on the procedure is the best!

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)

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